Wegmans LPGA Championship. Lincicome Still Leads.

White Dragon GolfWegmans LPGA Championship

Brittany Lincicome still leads the Wegmans LPGA Championship at the 54 hole stage at Monroe Golf Club in New York.


Wegmans LPGA Championship

Brittany Lincicome / Getty Images

Brittany could only manage a -1 under par 71 third round, but it was still enough to keep her lead going into the final round of the Wegmans LPGA Championship in New York. She told reporters about the state of her nerves;

“Nervous was probably an understatement, my stomach was in knots. When it came time to eat lunch, it just wasn’t happening because I haven’t been in this position in a while.”

“I think because I haven’t been in this position in a while, it just kind of all caught up with me, just tried to take multiple deep breaths out there.  I don’t think I calmed down until really the back nine probably. “

“Hopefully going into tomorrow it’s kind of out of my system, I kind of know what it feels like to kind of be in this position and I will kind of dominate again.”

Brittany is a shot ahead of Inbee Park  and Suzann Pettersen. Suzann carded a -5 under par 67 and Inbee shot -3 under par 69 for both of them to be at -9 under par for the tournament.

Suzann mentioned her liking for the back nine here at Monroe Golf Club;

“I seem to like the back nine. I like what I see, I managed to make a move. It’s nice to make a charge. I actually could have had a couple more.”

“I made the turn a bit frustrated that I three putted nine. I actually got to the green and three putted, which felt like I was giving away a shot. But I managed to kind of make a move, and the game responded pretty good.”

” Then I actually thought I could have had a couple more out there.  Had a couple of great looks.  So it’s nice to make a charge and kind of be where I’m at right now.”

Inbee admitted to hitting a couple of bad shots, and is hoping for a better result tomorrow;

“I hit a couple of bad shots and kind of scrambled around today. I mean I still feel like I definitely left a couple out there today, but number 17 and 18, you know, dropping those putts really helped me for tomorrow. Three back is quite a bit different.  So I’m happy where I am right now, and yeah, we’ll see tomorrow.”

Mirim Lee is two shots further back at -7 under par, and is in fourth position while Lydia Ko is back T5 at -6 under par.

Lydia made a slow start today

“I didn’t start off very well.  I made a bogey on the second hole, and then I came back with a good birdie on 3, but then made a bogey on 8 and I was suddenly at one over par for the Front 9.  Bogeyed 10.”
“But I kind of grinded it out, made two birdies in a row and then made another bogey, then made another birdie.  So it was kind of a birdie‑bogey day, but I’m pretty happy that I finished 1‑under.”


The Wegmans LPGA Championship. Brittany Bounces to the Top.

White Dragon GolfWegmans LPGA Championship

Brittany Lincicome bounces to the top of The Wegmans LPGA Championship at Monroe Golf Club in New York.

Wegmans LPGA Championship

Brittany Lincicome / Getty Images

Brittany scored a second round -4 under par 68 to post a Wegmans LPGA Championship total of -9 under par. She was excited about her stress free three shot lead;

“It’s been incredible, I haven’t been here in a while so it’s pretty exciting anytime you can shoot under par especially at a major.  It feels really nice.  I feel like all year I’ve been doing a lot of good things, hitting well, putting well, chipping well, they just don’t seem to all come together on the same day.  So it was nice to play the last two days and just kind of seeing like I was out there doing my thing and there was not too much stress involved.”

“I am still going to go try to birdie as many holes as I possibly can, and with both of those players, especially Inbee, she can shoot 61 like it’s nothing. So it doesn’t matter how big a lead you have with her behind you and Lexi or Lydia even, gosh, you just need to keep your same game plan that I’ve had and try to take advantage of the par 5’s and just see if we can stay ahead of all of them.” 

Sharing second place at -6 under par are Inbee Park and Lexi Thompson.

Inbee showed her quality firing a second round -6 under par 66, while Lexi stood still posting an even par 72.

Lexi intends to be more aggressive in the third round, and intends to bomb the driver down every fairway;

“I have nothing to lose, go for it tomorrow and play aggressive. I hit driver on every hole out here, so just hopefully my irons hold up for me like they did yesterday.”

Inbee knows she has been close recently, and thinks something good is just around the corner, shooting -6 under par makes you feel that way;

“I just came so close the last two weeks, I played in the British and last week.  So I feel like something is around the corner.  Hopefully, I can do it this week in a major.  That would be great.”

Lydia Ko is one of three ladies tied in fourth place at -5 under par for the tournament, and is thinking of winning again;

“For me I think about winning at the end of the week, I know especially like Toledo I realized I became a millionaire after that.  I mean, to kind of have those accomplishments is really cool, but I’m really going out there and trying to play the best I can.  It’s hard to control what I do, but to control what other people are doing is pretty much impossible.”

Wegmans LPGA Championship. Two Teid at the Top.

White Dragon GolfWegmans LPGA Championship There are two ladies tied at the top of the Wegmans LPGA Championship trophy at Monroe Gold Club in New York.

WEgmans LPGA Championship

Lexi Thompson / Getty Images

Lexi Thompson and Meena Lee both shot opening rounds of -6 under par 66, to lead the Wyndham LPGA Championship at Monroe Golf Club in New York. Lexi said she was trusting on her length off the tee round this course;

“I would definitely say my length is an advantage. Coming into the week I knew this golf course was going to be setup good for me. I get to hit driver on every hole, but you just have to hit it straight in majors because usually they grow the rough up pretty deep and that’s what majors call for.” Just being confident over my irons, and just working on the swing change and staying with it I think has helped me out so much and just trusting it out there.” “It’s pretty simple. I mean I just usually take it back a little closed with my club face, so I’m just working on a little bit of more rotation on the way back. But mainly what I’ve always been focusing on is just more controlled swings and not getting too all over the place with my golf swing.”

Meena reported that although the greens are soft, they are still pretty fast; “The greens are very soft, but still it’s fast, even if it’s downhill putt, it’s still fast. It’s very exciting, and then, well, it’s just first day, so I’ll do my best tomorrow and weekend.” “It’s a major tournament this week, so I got more like more relaxed. I like this golf course.  It’s in really good shape.  The greens perfect, fairways good.  I mean the other girls really liked this golf course.”

Tied in third place are; Brittany Lincicome, Lisa McClosky and Jennifer Kirby, all at -5 under par. Lisa said the thought of having to play to a cut line each week has made playing each round an anxiety-filled task;

“Just kind of getting used to have a cut every week. I know this is my second year and I should probably be used to it by now, but I feel like that kind of affects the way that I play. It kind of just tenses me up, and I can’t play as free as I would like to. So I think that’s been really, really hard for me.” “I mean once you kind of have like one or two good tournaments, it’s easy to kind of relax and feel more comfortable out there, but this year I just haven’t really gotten anything going. So it’s quite a bit harder.”

Brittany was just having a good time out there; ” I was hitting things to like a foot and just tapping them in, it was stress free. I was having fun with Meena and Christina, and we were just having a good time out there, so I think it’s just for relaxing and not putting pressure on myself and just going out there and having a good time.”

Meijer LPGA Classsic. Mirim Lee Wins.

White Dragon GolfMirim Lee has won the Meijer LPGA Classic in a play-off, and in doing so won her very first LPGA title.

Meijer LPGA Classic

Mirim Lee and 1st Trophy / Getty Images

Mirim Lee and Inbee Park were tied for the lead at the Meijer LPGA Classic at the end of the tournament, both players on -14 under par.

Mirim birdied the second play-off hole, the seventeenth, to lift the trophy at Blythefield Country Club in Michigan after completing the final round with -2 under par 69. She said it was a very nervous occasion, but fun;

” I nervous one hundred percent, because first time playoff in LPGA so I’m really nervous, but very fun. Inbee Park is like hero in Korea, so I just long to be her, yeah, think I just follow her.”

Inbee carded a disappointing final round -1 under par 70, but still had a chance in the play-off, she blamed the putter today;

“I just didn’t hit the ball great.  I hit two good tee shots and two good second shots, but it just released a lot on me.  I feel I hit a good putt but it just didn’t go in.  And overall today I just hit the ball really great today, same as very consistent for four days, but today I think I only holed one putt today, I think that was it for 20 holes.  The putter just wasn’t there, so nice to shoot under par but Mirim played well in the playoff holes.”

Suzann Pettersen finished in third place at -10 under par following her last round -2 under par 69, but enjoyed being back out on the golf course again;

” It’s just nice to be back, it’s nice to kind of feel the stress on the body a little bit and kind of feel where the game is at and where you need to kind of tune it up for next week. Overall a fantastic event. I can’t wait to come back and play this course again.”

” I thought it was tough because at home I was hitting the ball so well and you kind of feel like it’s a waste of shots when you just hit good shots out there and it doesn’t count for anything except like club medal with the girls.”

Sandra Gall was in fourth place, back a bit at -9 under par, she liked the atmosphere here;

” I feel like the crowds here are so, just so optimistic and so supporting of us and I saw a lot of kids out there, so whenever I could I would give them golf balls, just a high-five or something because, you know, I think we’re somehow role models for them and if I can make them excited about the game, then that’s like the least I can do.”

Meijer LPGA Classic. It’s Still Inbee

White Dragon GolfIt’s still Inbee Park at the top of the Meijer LPGA Classic.

Meijer LPGA Classic

Inbee Park / Getty Images

Inbee stayed on top of the Meijer LPGA Classic with a third round -3 under par 68 and holds the 54-hole lead at -13 under par for the tournament. She remarked on the wind today, and is still in love with her new putter;

” Today was a little bit windier than other two days, it was a little bit tougher to control the ball so I didn’t hit it as close as last two days, but I was able to hole a couple of long putts, so I was able to go a little bit lower today. Obviously I putted really good out there today, like just like I did last two days.”

” I think something just really different and something really new to my eyes, probably something really fresh for me, something that I’m not really used to. I just wanted to put this putter in before I go to major next week and kind of see what it’s like.”

” It was a good change for me because I never used the blade putter for about five years and this is first time I’m trying it in five years. Yeah, but it seems like it’s going really on line and I feel like I’m stroking the ball a little bit better this week.”

Mirim Lee is in second place, just one shot back at -12 under par, with Suzann Pettersen a further shot back at -11 under par.

Suzann posted a -2 under par 69, and said she had to fight for that;

” Overall one of those days where you just fight to stay in it. Didn’t have the greatest of feels throughout the round, a little bit of gusty wind at the time, some greens are getting really hard, so there were a lot of challenges out there today and hopefully there’s going to be as many tomorrow and maybe I can do just a little bit better.”

I’ve been out with injuries for major weeks out of this year, missed pretty much two majors. I missed the first one, I couldn’t play, and the second one, I don’t know, I wasn’t really well prepared. For me when I started playing well again it was actually Arkansas the week before the British Open, played really well at the British Open and I felt like if I was ever going to win an Open it was one of those weeks where you felt like you were hitting the ball good and I gave myself the chance.”


Meijer LPGA Classic. Inbee Park Leads.

White Dragon Golf

Inbee Park leads at the Meijer LPGA Classic at the midway point of the tournament.

Meijer LPGA Classic

Inbee Park / Getty/ Images

Inbee shot a bogey free second round -5 under par 66, to top the Meijer LPGA Classic leaderboard at -10 under par on the Blythefield Country Club course in Michigan. It was her putter that was working well;

“At the International Crown I was trying one of my best friends, So Yeon Ryu’s, putter and when I tried it I really liked it and everything was going in so I said to the TaylorMade rep ‘can you make me one exactly the same as So Yeon’s?’ It came this week and it’s been working.”

” I mean, it was two solid days; today especially because I didn’t have any bogeys. I had one bogey yesterday but today I had no mistakes out there. So yeah, I putted really well out there. When you’re putting really well, it’s real easy to score.”

Just one shot back at -9 under par is Suzann Pettersen, who had a record equaling -7 under par 64, which included a bogey, but she was pleased with her round and -9 under par total, following a break;

” I played pretty good yesterday, felt like I had a lot more in the tank and had a few adjustments after I played yesterday and got off to a good start. Just eager to get playing again, I’ve had three weeks off and been dying to play.”

” I’ve been playing a lot at home with my friends and buddies, but sometimes you just go out there and play and you feel like it’s wasted when you go out and play good in a like a friendly match. “

“I guess it just shows the passion that you have for the game and the passion that you have to be out here and compete. So it’s been a nice break but I’m, like I said, very eager to get going again and have a nice fall ahead of me.”

Mirim Lee is in third place, she also carded a record equaling -7 under par second round 64, recording an eagle and a bogey in her superb effort. She holds third place on her own at -8 under par, and enjoyed her good iron play today;

” Today irons was very good, so I had my chance, everything was good.”

World number two Lydia Ko is sitting nicely at -5 under par for the tournament, but reported that she was not playing too well;

” I wasn’t hitting the ball pretty well, so I had to make an up‑and‑down a lot of times.  I mean, I was kind of struggling with my long game but luckily my chipping and short game worked really well and I think that was pretty much one of the best parts of my game today.”

Meijer LPGA Classic. Sandra Stands on Top.

White Dragon GolfSandra Gall stands on top of the Meijer LPGA Classic leaderboard after the first round.

Meijer LPGA Classic

Sandra Gall / Getty Images

Sandra has a one shot lead following her opening round -6 under par 65 at the Meijer LPGA Classic at Blythefield Country Club , Grand Rapids, Michigan. Playing the course backwards Sandra carded a string of six consecutive birdies from hole 3 through 8 to post her low round of the year. She said she was in the zone, maybe a vacation trip back to Germany did the trick;

“I was in a zone, I was really relaxed. I was talking a lot to my caddie and to my playing partners, just kind of letting it happen instead of forcing it, which every so often that’s what we golfers do.”

“I took a little vacation back to Germany and laid my clubs aside so I feel refreshed and then last week I went back to Orlando to get ready for this four-week stretch.”

 “I was surprised how many people were out here on a Thursday morning. It’s great to see , it just shows that our Tour is growing in popularity and we have this amazing fan support that we are very proud of.”

Inbee Park is in second place, just one shot back of the leader at -5 under par, she said she does not think too much about regaining the number one spot, just concentrates on winning tournaments;

“I don’t play for that every week obviously.  I just kind of think about it, but that would be my goal for later, later in the year and stuff like when I have an opportunity.  But there is that kind of thinking in my mind somewhere but that’s not just my only ‑‑ that’s not just my only goal.  I play to win golf tournaments and just try to bring that trophy home every week.  That’s probably going to get me back to the No. 1 spot sometime.”

“I think this is going to be a big confidence boost going into next week.  I think I picked this week because it’s kind of similar to probably next week’s setup with tree‑lined golf courses and some dogleg holes and roughs.  I think it’s going to be very good practice and very good confidence booster for next week, so that will be good.”

Third place belongs to Katherine Kirk, she on her own at -4 under par for the tournament.

Michelle Wie had to withdraw from the contest, citing a sore wrist;

“I don’t know what happened.  It just kind of started hurting last week and just started getting worse and got to the point where I couldn’t really hold a club today.  So I’m just going to try to get an MRI right now and see what my next steps are.  Hopefully I can play next week, so we’ll see.”

L.E.T. Sberbank Golf Masters. Julie Jubilant.

White Dragon GolfSberbank Golf Masters

Julie Greciet was jubilant at the Sberbank Golf Masters in Prague, picking up the Trophy.

A jubilant Julie Greciet / Getty Images

Julie scored a final round -5 under par 66 to win the Sberbank Golf Masters with a -17 under par total for the 54 hole event.This win at Golf Park Plzeň in Prague, is her first L.E.T. trophy. Play was suspended for an hour due to storms and torrential rain, but afterwards play resumed in damp conditions, where Julie managed to hold her nerves, until a bogey on the 18th;

“It’s crazy because I didn’t think it was possible to win this year and I’m very, very happy. I want to thank my caddie, who is my father and my family and my boyfriend for supporting me this year.”

“I think now I can win another tournament and maybe eight or ten! I’m going to drink champagne for a week when I get home.”

Julie and dad Roger on the 18th / Getty Images

Lee-Anne Pace finished in second place, a last round -6 under 65 saw her post -15 under par. Lee-Anne actually carded eight birdies on the day, but unfortunately ran up a double bogey six on the 4th hole. The only mistake she made;

“I played really well this week and made one mistake which cost me a little bit. Amy started like a house on fire so I thought, I needed to keep up with her. I made some birdies to catch up but threw those two shots away.”

” I stayed focused and finished second. I’m a bit tired, so happy to have a week off now in France where I’m going to relax and maybe go for a surf.”

Third spot went to Amy Boulden, who also recorded a final round of -6  under par 65, to finish with a -14 under par total. She started the round with real purpose, three birdies in the first three holes;

“Three birdies in the first three holes, I got off to a great start. I couldn’t unfortunately make the putts on the last few holes but I’m happy with my performance. “

I think after the 11th, on the par three, I wasn’t really sure where I was lying because there weren’t any score boards. I knew I must have been there or thereabouts.”

“My confidence is getting better each tournament I play. I got to play with Lee-Anne Pace today who is a fantastic player and she gave me some nice words of advice at the end, so that was great. She said she thought I was a great player and she thinks I can make it.”

L.E.T. Sberbank Golf Masters. Julie Jumps Ahead.

White Dragon GolfSberbank Golf Masters

Julie Greciet jumps ahead in the Sberbank Golf Masters in Prague.

                          Julie Greciet / Getty Images

Frenchwoman Julie Greciet shot a second round -7 under par 64 to take a one shot lead with a total of -12 under par, on the Golf Park Plzeň, in the Czech Republic. Julie is playing her golf with a wrist injury this season, but that did not stop her from hitting 12 greens and to make 23 putts in this round;

I made the putts and that was the difference so I’m very happy. I think it’s a small course but it’s difficult because you have tricky tee shots and the second shots are very important because you have many bunkers around the green. I like it.”

Ursula Wikstrom is in second place, just one shot off the lead at -11 under par, a bogey free -6 under par 65 has put her in position to win her first Tour title;

“It’s been a while since I’ve been in a position to fight for it over the weekend so I want to be in this position. Today, no bogeys, so that’s always a nice round.”

“On the back nine I wasn’t making any putts or hitting it as close so it was nice to get one birdie. The good thing is I have my coach as my caddie and I’m starting to hit the ball okay and the putts are falling, so things are going okay so far.”

Pamela Pretswell and Lee-Anne Pace shared third on -9 under par under-par.

Pamela is playing with her knee strapped up, making it impossible to get down and read the putts, so she is relying on her caddie, and father Willie, to read them;

I’m happy with my round and today’s progress. I’ve been making it simple for myself, so far I’ve been making sure I‘ve got a shot into the greens by taking different clubs off the tees and giving myself a lot of birdie chances which I’ve taken advantage of.”

Lee-Anne’s only problem is not enough sleep;

I think I was a little bit less tired than yesterday after a good sleep last night so my focus was definitely there and I felt good. “

“I made that eagle on 14, hit it to two metres and made the putt so that obviously gives you two shots. I hit it close on 16 again and made the putt. I’m hitting it good and putting well so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.”


L.E.T. Sberbank Golf Masters. Steffi Kirchmayr Leads.

White Dragon GolfSberbank Golf Masters

Steffi Kirchmayr leads the Sberbank Golf Masters in Prague.


 Steffi Kirchmayr / Getty Images

Steffi admitted to not liking the course, but she could still play it, carding a first round -7  under par 64 to lead the Sberbank Golf Masters at Golf Park Plzeň;

 ” It’s a great feeling to shoot seven-under. I don’t really like the set-up of this golf course, because it favors the short hitters and good putters, so I can’t take advantage of my length.”

  “I only had one bad hole, where I had to chip out of a fairway bunker, but I hit it close and made the putts. My parents came to watch from Germany just for today so I felt I had to shoot a good round for them. They said it was worth driving for three hours to see a 64.”

Mallory Fraiche, from the U.S.A . is in second place, just one shot behind at -6 under par, she said having her sister on the bag, and playing two practice rounds was of great benefit to her;

“It was very solid and my short game was on point and so it helped save me a lot. This week I knew I needed to practice, so I played the course twice before the tournament, which I also think helped.”

Five ladies are tied in third place, all at -5 under par after their opening rounds of 66, they are Julie Greciet, Amy Boulden, Nikki Garrett, Pamela Pretswell and Ursula Wikstrom.

The L.E.T. rookie Amy is trying to earn enough money to stay on the Tour;

” This is my sixth week in a row after the US Women’s Open. It wasn’t supposed to be like that because I got into the Bucks at the last minute and then the Ricoh Women’s British Open. I’m just trying to make the most of each week because I still don’t have my full card. I’m trying to earn enough money to secure my card for next year.”

Aussie Nikki almost quit golf at one stage last year, a back to back tour winner seven years ago;

“It’s nice, all of the girls out there will know that I’ve struggled with my driver the last few years and I’m hitting it well again and it feels good over it, so it’s a totally different game when you get it in play off the tee. I don’t regret coming out here. When I go home I’ll reassess and see if I come out for the second half of the season.”

Julie said she had putted well, but did card one bogey, because of a plugged ball in a bunker;

I played very well and I had one bogey on nine because my ball was plugged in the bunker and I had no chance, but I had an eagle on 14 and birdie on 15 and 18 so I’m happy because my putting was very good and I took 30 putts and hit 16 greens today.”

Scot Pamela was happy with her good start to the tournament;

“I made a really good start when I got up and down for par at the first and made birdie on two and three and kicked on from there.”

In a strange incident Moroccan Maha Haddioui was disqualified prior to starting her first round due to being nine minutes late on the tee. How can you be so late for your tee time ?