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Tiger gets Twitchy answering questions about Haney’s Book

Tiger Woods on Wednesday deflected questions on the subject of Haney’s book during a Honda Classic news conference that at times became contentious. Tiger’s agent strongly criticized an excerpt from a book about his clients  admiration for the Navy Seals and the military, Steinberg said;

“For Haney to twist that admiration into something negative is disrespectful.”

Hank Haney wrote that Tiger Woods discussed leaving golf for military life, a subject the golfer would not discuss during his news conference. Tiger took umbrage with the reporter, and dismissed him with;

“I’ve already talked about everything, you’re a beauty; have a good day.”

Tiger  is trying to win his first official PGA Tour title since the 2009 BMW Championship, the 71st of his PGA Tour career. Since then he has gone nearly four years without winning a major championship, a quest Haney has surmised was consuming Woods long ago, before his  off-course troubles in late 2009 halted his winning ways. Haney wrote;

” For me, the job got harder, there was more urgency and less fun. Tiger was more irritable and impatient. He never mentioned Jack Nicklaus’ record, but it started to weigh more heavily at every major. And Tiger’s actions indicated he believed he had less time to do it than everyone else thought. In retrospect, 2007 was when Tiger began to lose the joy of playing and began to look at his career as something he wanted to get over with sooner rather than later.”

Woods, who is now 36, said of Jack’s record of 18 Majors;

“It’s going to take an entire career to do it, and that’s something I knew starting out.”

Jack Nicklaus won four major titles after turning 38, including three after age 40, he said about Tiger’s ambition to beat his record;

“My opinion, I still think Tiger will regain what he does, he will come back and play very, very well. Whether he will break my record or not, that’s another issue. I think he probably will. He still has to go do it, not only do it, but he has to win more majors, five. More than anyone has playing today. That’s a pretty good task.”

The Big Miss Book CoverAP Photo

“The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods,” by Hank Haney, is due from publisher Crown Archetype on March 27.

Tiger Woods only plays for money

Tiger Woods acknowledged Tuesday that being paid an appearance fee played a significant role in deciding to open his 2012 season in the Middle East instead of California. He is making his season debut at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, which begins Thursday at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. When asked if appearance money was the major factor in his decision making, Woods agreed it was, “I’d have to say yes, it certainly does.”

The tournament purse in Abu Dhabi of $2.7 million, is less than half of what is being offered this week on the PGA Tour at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, but only slightly more than what Woods is believed to be receiving just for showing up here.

During the interview Woods also bemoaned having to answer questions about Hank Haney’s revealing book;  “Certainly it’s something I have to deal with. I get asked at press conferences what these guys have done, and that’s just part of it. Am I disappointed; yes. Frustrated, certainly, because I have to answer the questions. It’s been awhile since I haven’t had to answer those questions and I guess I’ll have to continue doing it. I think I’ve answered all the questions on that.”

I wonder if any of the other players, like world number one Luke Donald were given huge sums of money just to turn up in the middle east on a paid vacation.

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