Tiger Woods, Ryder Cup Captain ?

Tiger Woods: apologised to the four Ryder Cup rookies on the US team after failing to pick up a point at Medinah

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has expressed a desire to one day be the U.S.A Ryder Cup Captain, he said recently;

“It would be a huge honor, hopefully it doesn’t happen in the near future. I would like to be able to play for a lot more teams but certainly one day when my career is slowing down or it’s over, it would be huge to be part of a Ryder Cup from the captaincy side.”

Given that Tiger has lost six times against Europe in seven appearances, including most recently at Medinah Country Club where the USA threw away a commanding lead on the final day, his resume for the tournament does not instill one with any confidence in his ability to lead a team. In fact it is Tiger’s inability to perform well in a team environment that really astounds everyone. Instead of leading from the front, he seems to retreat into a shell in a team effort. I personally doubt that a man, no matter how great a player he is, if he can not perform well in a team environment, how will he be able to inspire others to do what he could not.

Tiger also confirmed that he has apologized to the four rookies who played on the United States’ team, Keegan Bradley, Jason DufnerWebb Simpson and Brandt Snedeker, for not contributing a single point in their devastating loss at Medinah. He admitted he found it tough;

“I had an opportunity to earn three points in team sessions but I did not do that. It was tough. Stricks and I went out there and tried to earn points for the team and didn’t do that and it was frustrating. We had a four-point lead and we went 0-3.”


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