PGA Grand Slam of Golf, Padraig Harrington Wins in Bermuda


Padraig Harrington walks up the 16th hole during the PGA Grand Slam of Golf at Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton, Bermuda.

Padraig Harrington/Getty Images

Padraig Harrington won the  PGA Grand Slam of Golf at Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton, Bermuda, while the other guys were surveying the view Padraig surprised them with  a 35 ft birdie, and went on to win the tournament, fully focused on golf.

The eighth green at Port Royal Golf Course, offers pleasure seekers an ocean view that can leave you breathless, it was certainly spectacular when Webb Simpson, Keegan Bradley, and Bubba Watson decided not to survey their birdie putts on eight; instead, they marched to the back of the green, accompanied by their caddies, Paul Tesori, Steve Hale, and Ted Scott, respectively, and the six of them put the business of golf on hold to indulge a sight that left them in awe.

Keegan Bradley said;

“It’s up there with any view in the world, it’s nuts. I am amazed at the view and since it was so calm out, it was better than I’d ever seen it.”

Webb Simpson agreed;

“Pebble Beach is the most beautiful place I’d ever been, until I came to Bermuda. It’s like Pebble, the same views, but with clear water. It’s beautiful. I could stay there all day.”

Padraig was more interested in his golf, mainly because it was only five days ago he was hitting balls back home in Ireland, preparing himself mentally for a lengthy flight to play in China at the BMW Masters. Out of the blue Ernie Els somehow managed to hurt his ankle and had to pull out of the Grand Slam of Golf. The very next day, Padraig’s entry was confirmed, so he skipped China, and joined the tournament in Bermuda. Talking about the viewing antics of the American trio, knowing full well why Simpson, Bradley, and Watson were paying so very little attention.

” I felt very lonely !  It was as beautiful a scenic spot as you could find anywhere in the world, and when you made a birdie and holed a long putt, it’s even nicer. Hard to believe. It was always the right decision to come, no matter what.”




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