Josh Hinojosa. Professional Golfer.

White Dragon GolfWilson Staff

Professional golfer and owner of  along with contributing to Performance Academy Wilson Advisory Staff, Josh Hinojosa is happy with his White Dragon Putter, sending us this message on Twitter;

“Really starting to get used to the putter and feel comfortable with it. You were 100% correct about the length needing to be shorter, due to being more over the ball. I shortened the shaft this week at the shop and it immediately felt right. Went out today and shot 68 in barely above freezing temps. Very excited for the upcoming season!”

I asked him about the Winn grip:

“I put a smaller standard size Iomic on it, to try a lighter weight because of the shaft. I saved the Winn, using air, and will most likely put it back on. I liked it better for sure. The biggest adjustment for me has been getting used to the lighter shaft, that’s why I tried the standard grip. Snuck in nine holes yesterday and shot 3 under par.”

We wish you all the best for the upcoming season Josh.



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