Singapore Open. Song Wins Weather Delayed Tournament.

White Dragon GolfSingapore Open


Younghan Song wins a weather delayed Singapore Open at the Sentosa Golf Club.

Singapore Open

Younghan Song / Getty Images

Younghan won the Singapore Open with a -1 under par final round of 70, for a -12 under par tournament total, in this much maligned, weather affected competition. He thought long and hard about the par putt he had to make the next morning after being called off the course the night before;

“That one night felt like a week! It was crazy. I couldn’t sleep and I was constantly thinking about putting throughout the night.”

“I read the line well on 16 and just maintained my composure on 17 and 18. I knew the title was for me to lose as long as I don’t make any silly mistakes.”

“Looking back, I think the suspension helped as the winds were starting to blow hard yesterday and that might have made a difference.”

World #1 Jordan Spieth finished in second place at -11 under par. He too had to come back in the morning, facing a birdie on 18, which might have got him into a play-off, he made the putt, which put the pressure on, but to no avail;

“I went to the putting green to practice early in the morning as I knew I had to get that birdie to force a play-off.”

“It was nerve-racking and I was happy I managed to stroke the ball well and it went in.”

“I made some poor decisions in the middle two rounds as I was trying to do a little too much. But overall, it has been a great experience and I had a really good time here.”

Liang Wen-chong, from China finished third, at -10 under par, a last round -2 under 69 not enough to get him into a play-off.

Miguel Tabeuna shared fourth place with Shintaro Kobayashi, both at -9 under par. Miguel spoke his first ever Monday finish;

“This is my first ever Monday finish. It has been a really long week.”

“It was tiring, mentally and physically. But I’m happy with my results. It’s a great start to the season.”


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