Honda Classic. Scott Sinks, Garcia Grinds and Rickie Retreats.

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Adam Scott sinks to recording a seven at a par three, Sergio Garcia grinds through his day and Rickie Fowler retreats with an over par third round at the Honda Classic.


Adam Scott shakes hand with his playing partner Sergio Garcia on the 18th green during the third round. (David Cannon/Getty Images)

Sergio and playing partner Adam / Getty Images

Amazingly Sergio -3 under 69 today, and Adam -4 under 66, share the lead, at -9 under par after this dramatic day going through the Bear Trap in the third round of the Honda Classic.

It has been a while since either of them has won on Tour, and Adam spoke about the seven and his desperation after not winning for two years;

“I think we’re both pretty desperate to have a win Sunday, after putting ourselves in this position.”

 “So hopefully we both play well and it’s a good show.”

“I think I’ve experienced things along those lines plenty of times in this game.”

“And you know, really didn’t hit too many bad shots to make a 7. That’s how challenging holes like 15, 16 and 17 are.”

“I grinded out a 4 on 16 after a sloppy tee shot, and then back to hitting really good shots on 17.”

“It’s what you have to do to stay in golf tournaments.”

“It could easily fall apart, and go from a commanding position to struggling to be in the tournament tomorrow.”

“That’s what you have to do, just keep grinding until the round’s over.”

Sergio has not won on Tour for four years, and he gets uptight when it’s mentioned, he did have a win in Vietnam last year;

 “There’s something that I don’t like, and when I hear guys say, oh, yeah, you won, yeah, you won in Vietnam or you won in Qatar, but you haven’t won on the PGA TOUR.”

“It feels like, you know, those wins don’t mean anything, and you know, it’s such a wrong comment.”

“Every win, every victory is difficult. It doesn’t matter, even if it’s against your father on your home course. Every single victory is tough.”

“There’s a lot of great players out in the world today, and you know, the victory in Vietnam wasn’t easy. I had to play well to get that. And the victory in Qatar, same thing.”

“A win is a win. It doesn’t matter where it is. To me at least, they all mean a lot, and a PGA TOUR win doesn’t mean more than others. They all mean a lot.”

“I think we both will be wanting it badly if it gets to that, and hopefully it will get to that.”

“We’ll see what happens. At the end of the day, what I have to do is go out there and keep playing well, give myself a shot at it, and you know, then destiny will tell us.”

Of course there is a good reason that neither of them has won in recent times, they are both suspect in the putting department. Sergio with the frail claw grip that always lets him down under pressure, and Adam, who is trying to get back to using a proper putter, also uses that same style of grip.

Given that they have a four shot lead over the field one of them should win tomorrow, I will be watching with fascination.

Third place belongs to Blayne Barber, at -5 under par, and looking at today’s results he must feel he has a good chance to win.

Rickie will be kicking himself after today’s round +4 over par 74, when a good round would have him somewhere near the top, instead of five back at T4.

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