Ronnie Corbett, Great Golfing Nut. Dies at Age 85.

White Dragon Golf

Ronnie Corbett, England’s most lovable and extremely funny comic, and great golfing nut has died at age 85.

Video, the Arnold Plumber Putter, courtesy of Terry O’Conner

I met Ronnie once, he was teeing off ahead of us. Ronnie had a house on the side of a golf course,  The Addington Golf Club in Croydon, Surrey. he enjoyed nipping through the gate to play;

“I have had the most spoiled golfing life.”

“For 33 years I’ve taken the trolley through the gate, played a few holes, in these little loops, you know, and walked the dogs. Idyllic.”

“Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you. I’ll settle for this towards the end, as you know.”

“Thanks very much. That’s lovely. Very good. Fine. Excellent. Thank you. There we are. Lovely. Thank you. Bye.”

So for the last time its Goodnight from him.



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