ISPS HANDA Ladies European Masters. Katie Keeping An Eye on Top Spot.

White Dragon Golf

Katie Burnett, USA, is keeping a close eye on the  top spot at the ISPS HANDA Ladies European Masters leaderboard at the mid-way point of the competition at Golf Club Hubbelrath in Germany.

KLM Open

Katie Burnett / getty

Katie has a one shot advantage at the top of the ISPS HANDA Ladies European Masters leaderboard at -8 under par after her second round -2 under 70:

“I think I hit my tee balls a little better today. My irons weren’t as good as yesterday and because the greens are soft, they got a little bit bumpy this afternoon.”

“Other than that, I can’t complain. I think it played a little tougher today. The pins are in tougher places.”

“We’ve still got 36 holes to play and there are a couple of great players right behind me. I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing and see what happens.”

In-Kyung Kim, South Korea, is just one shot back at -7 under par following her -2 under 70 round today;

“The front nine had a lot of longer clubs into the green but I managed to get some up and downs.”

“It doesn’t show it on the scorecard. It was good on the front nine and the back nine and I managed to make some birdies somehow.”

“The fairways are really slopey, so I hit a lot of left to right lies today and I kept pulling left and then I kind of figured it out on the back nine.”

“I think that cost me a few shots, missing left. Other than that I feel pretty comfortable.”

Belen Mozo, Spain, holds third place at -6 under, after a blistering  second round -8 under par 64, which was ten shots better than the 74 of yesterday, mainly due to leaving the driver in the bag;

“I’ve been playing well for the past couple of months and scores haven’t been playing to my favor.”

“I knew that I had to be patient. It’s really hard to understand that sometimes. I have a caddie that helps me a lot and my family who support me.”

“I was patient and I knew that I could score really low on this course and I stayed in the present and kept firing at the flagsticks as I knew that I was firing the irons really well.”

“I haven’t had one single driver today. I’ve been hitting a lot of 3-woods and hybrids.”

“The course is playing totally different to the practice rounds and even the first round.”

“It’s firming up, so you just have to play strategically and know where you want to leave your second shot. It is a course that, sometimes playing too aggressively off the tee might cost you, so you have to be patient off the tee.”



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