Reignwood LPGA Classic. I.K. Kim Wins With An Eagle.


White Dragon Golf

An Eagle on 15 set up I.K. Kim for her Reignwood LPGA Classic win at Pine Valley Golf Club in China.

Reignwood LPGA Classic

I.K. Kim. /getty

I.K. shot a final round -7 under par 63, to post the winning score of -24 under par at the Reignwood LPGA Classic.

I.K. was delighted with her win, and her Eagle on 15, and also spoke about the bogey on 9;

“I feel good that I was able to play how I wanted to play, you know? Even the result, I really try not to focus on result so much.”

“Then I wouldn’t be able to perform the way I wanted.”

 “I chose to play my game and kind of paid off, I guess. Really didn’t aim to win it.”

“But actually, I mean, who knows? I can control my game. I can’t control anyone else’s game.”

”I think the 15 was really big, too. I wasn’t sure go for it or not go for it. I felt like today I really played with everything I got. I didn’t really pull back.”

“Even No. 9 I felt was right club, so, yeah, I think I managed.”

“I played aggressively, which I had to on this golf course. And especially back nine I knew that everybody was going to score, so I wanted to do the same thing.”

M.J. Hur finished in second place, just one shot back at -23 under par, a last round -3 under 70 not quite enough, three bogey’s in her first four holes dented her aspirations of winning;

“The problem was I start today’s round with two bogeys on first two holes, which is very frustrating.”

 “But I made four birdies on final five so I’m pretty satisfied with my round today.“

M.J.  was also the winner of the $50,000 prize in this year’s Red Bull Final Five Challenge;

“I’m definitely happy.”

“So exciting to play those five holes, like short par-5 and short par-5, chance to eagle.”

“So I made two eagles on second round. Anyway, it was very exciting. It was good experience.”

Defending champion Mirim Lee was third at -22 under par, a final round -5 under 68 completed a South Korean clean sweep of the top three positions on the leaderboard.

China’s number one player Shanshan Feng, -4 under 69 and Canada’s Brooke Henderson, -2 under 71, tied for fourth place at -21 under.


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