The RSM Classic. It’s a Sudden Death Play-Off on Monday.

White Dragon GolfThe RSM Classic

There will be a sudden death play-off on Monday for The RSM Classic trophy, between Mackenzie HughesCamilo VillegasHenrik Norlander and Blayne Barber.

Sudden Death playoff set for Monday

Camillo Villegas / getty

There were actually five players who qualified for the play-off, but Billy Horschel missed a short putt on the first play-off hole, the par four 18th, and was eliminated. Billy said it was a learning curve

“They say you learn more from losses than wins. I believe it’s true.”

“For me, I didn’t take my time over that short putt. Simple as that.”

The second hole was halved, again the 18th, darkness then brought proceedings to a halt,but Monday morning they will return to play the third play-off hole, the par three 17th, should be fun to watch.

Camillo spoke of the darkness;

People don’t know how dark it is right now.”

“It’s going to be nice and cold in the morning. We’ll be back and try to take another trophy home.”

Henrik was just happy to have a chance;

“I’m just happy to have a chance. That’s all I can say.”

Mackenzie, who has led from the start had to dig deep to get into the play-off

“It was quite a fight out there, and I didn’t have my best stuff by any means, but I found a way to dig deep and just get in that playoff.”

“I’m still playing, so I’m in a good spot.”

Blayne was not looking at the leaderboards

“I didn’t look at boards all day, so I was able to kind of stay focused on what I was doing, kind of just keep the blinders on.”

“I was obviously nervous, I knew I was somewhere near the lead, so I played a great back nine and I’m really proud of that.”

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