Oates Vic Open. Dame Laura Leads.

White Dragon Golf

Dame Laura Davies leads the Oates Vic Open, at the 13th Beach Golf Links, in Australia.

Oates Vic Open

Laura Davies / getty

Dame Laura equalled the course record of -8 under par 65, with a bogey free round, to lead the Oates Vic Open, by two shots after round one.

Dame Laura put her resurgence down to good putting;

“I’ve been working on my putting, that’s been the weakest part.”

“I was leaving every putt short and getting wristy, so that has really helped.”

“I had 29 putts and my average last year would have been in the mid-30s, which is ridiculous because some of these youngsters are 25, 26 putts a round.”

“So if I want to compete, I have to putt better and this is a really good start.”

“When you get older, your nerves get a bit frayed and the hands get jumpy, so maybe this is going to be enough to keep me solid through the ball.”

“I drove it well. It was just a really solid day. We were really lucky with the conditions, we hardly had any wind at all.”

Holly Clyburn, Melissa Reid Nicole Broch Larsen, Sandra Gal and Whitney Hillier are all tied in second place, with opening rounds of -6 under par 67.


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