Ko and Caddie Part Company.

White Dragon Golf

World number one Lydia Ko, or her family, have sacked the new caddie Gary Matthews, after just nine starts, and shooting -8 under par 64 in the final round of the Lotte Championship, in Hawaii.

Lydia Ko

Lydia & Gary Mathews / getty

The startling news was confirmed by  Lydia’s management team to  Golf Channel’s Randall Mell.

Lydia has made several changes in the past year. In December she fired longtime coach David Leadbetter, he had this to say;

“They tell her when to go to bed, what to eat, what to wear, when to practice and what to practice.”

 “And they expect her to win every tournament. They are good people, who love their daughter and want the very best for her; but they are naive about golf.”

“And at some point, they’ve got to let the bird fly from the nest. I would often think,  It’s not easy coaching three people.”

How do you sack overbearing parents ? You have to wonder is it really just caring for your daughter, or the Asian custom of do as you are told, a control thing.


2 thoughts on “Ko and Caddie Part Company.

  1. Pete

    I am sure there is more to the Leadbetter story, but that is a different topic. Overbearing parents or shall we say overly engaged parents are a challenge. There will be a time when Ko makes here own way, but she has to decide when. Time will tell.


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