Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, Golf Club of the Year 2017.


White Dragon Golf

Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, my club, has been  announced as the regions “Club of the Year” at an awards dinner.


Acknowledgement was paid to our wonderful membership base, our committed staff, the countless volunteers that contribute to the operation of the club and its upkeep, those that assist with developing the game and indeed those that have performed so well in the past 12 months competitively playing the game and of course our committees that have provided the sound leadership, vision and governance.

Judging criteria for the award included, membership retention and growth, financial management, planning and strategic direction, robust governance practices, demographic spread, volunteer engagement, development programs, community involvement and competitive performance across all grades.

Often it’s easy to simply have your eyes firmly locked on the future and your focus engaged on where you intend to travel. Occasionally however it can be also be good to pause, look back and reflect on the journey to date. Tuesdays awards dinner was one such moment and congratulations to all our members who have combined to make Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, Kapiti’s “Club of the Year”.

Have a great weekend

Leo Barber

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