The Rocco Forte Open. Alvaro Quiros has half way Lead.

White Dragon Golf

Alvaro Quiros has the half way lead in  The Rocco Forte Open at   Verdura Golf Club in Sicily.

Rocco Forte Open

Alvaro Quiros / getty

Alvaro shot a second round -7 under par 64 to lead The Rocco Forte Open after 36 holes with a -15 under par total, giving him a two-stroke advantage going into the week-end.

Alvaro said great putting on the back nine secured his position, and he is setting his sights on regaining his European Tour card;

“It’s a very nice situation, it’s a long time ago since I had the option.”

“My game today was a little bit worse than yesterday but my putting on the back nine was unbelievable so I’m very happy with it.”

“Sometimes I’ve been very greedy, trying to force myself into a better score when the game wasn’t good and today I have to be proud of myself.”

“Eight consecutive pars was the typical situation for me to blow my mind because I’m not shooting low. Today was a big step mentally speaking, trying to be patient.”

“I’m not going to fix my situation in one day or one tournament so hopefully I can keep working, still adding good rounds and hopefully at the end of the year come back to the Tour.”

Michael Hoey and Sebastian Soderberg are sharing second place at -13 under par, both returning second round scores of -3 under 68, after yesterdays low rounds of 61.

Michael was tired after yesterdays effort;

“It was hard towards the end, I used up a lot of adrenaline yesterday. I hadn’t been in that position for a long time, to feel nervous on the golf course.”

“I was a little bit tired on the last seven or eight holes.”

“I got it in kind of level par the last few holes which was decent and it was tricky in the wind. It’s all about the next two days, I’m in a good position.”

Sebastian said the wind was a factor today;

“It’s a little windier today so I think three under is a good score.”

“Driving hasn’t been a strength of my game recently but I’ve been working on so it’s becoming a good asset for me.”

“I just need to remind myself what position I’m in.”

“You can’t really focus too much on the leaderboard. I’ve just got to keep taking it one shot at a time which I’ve been doing pretty well for the last few days.”

“There’s still half the tournament left so I just need to play my golf.”

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