Have a Golf Problem, Jim Can Help You Out.

White Dragon Golf

A friend of mine Jim, from Canada, has a golfing problem. He is confined to bed for most of the time, while receiving stem cell treatment.

Notice the smile, Jim has a great philosophy which helps him get through the day, and as always is thinking GOLF, and is focusing on mini goals to achieve a quick return to the course;

 “Yesterday I putted for 5 minutes. Yes, I brought a putting mat into the hospital. I figured with the end goal of healthy and going home, it is never to early to start practicing.”

“The challenge of putting for 5 minutes is the amount of energy it takes; a resource is short supply and high demand right now.”

 “I wanted to make 3 putts in a row. With the automatic return, I could make a putt and have it returned in 5 seconds.”

“So, all I had to do was make half my putts. As it turned out, from 8 feet away I was making about 80% of my putts, so my mini-goals were achieved.”

Yipes, he is making 80% of putts from 8 feet. You can just imagine how well he putts on the golf course.

You can connect with Jim through his blog The Grateful Golfer, wish him well, what an inspiration he is to us all.

Get Well Soon Jim.

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