Hero Women’s Indian Open. Three-Way Tie at the Top.

White Dragon Golf

Christine Wolf of Austria surrendered her four shot Hero Women’s Indian Open lead today, Becky Morgan, Wales, Nicole Broch Larsen, Denmark and Ellie Givens of England now share top spot.

Nicole / getty

Nicole, -2 under 70 today, Becky, -4 under 68 and Nicole, -3 under 69 all share the Hero Women’s Indian Open with -4 under par totals.

Becky avoided the big numbers today;

“I was steadier today than I have been the last couple of days, especially the front nine.”

“I had the same amount of birdies every day but today eliminated the big numbers, hence the four-under. 

Nicole was struggling with the heat;

“I was very close to having a nose bleed again today.”

“I felt like it was really hot. The whole front nine, I felt like I could pass out any time.”

Ellie was pleased with her round, but had a cold putter;

“I’m really pleased with my round today.”

“I hit the ball better than the last two days but had a cold putter, so I was a little frustrated but at the same time very pleased.”

Christine fell over with a +5 over par 77, and is now T4 at -3 under.

“I don’t think it was pressure.”

“This course takes a lot out of you, so it can happen that your concentration goes.”

“I think I was getting a bit quick on my swings and hit a few fat shots, so it can happen quickly.”

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