Adam Scott Back to Broomstick.

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Adam Scott is considering going back to the Broomstick Putter to try and win another Major, The Masters, again;

The Masters

Adam Scott and Broomstick / Getty Images

Adam Scott got to number one in the world, and won a Major, the 2013 Masters, all with the soon to be banned Broomstick Putter. He had recently reverted to using a conventional putter, but could not find one that suited him. Sadly he did not try a White Dragon Putter.

Adam thinks this is the only way he can ever win another Major, so it is the smart thing to do;

“Putting with a longer putter is maybe the smarter thing to do.”

“I don’t know. It’s all about the lag putting. It’s such a difference in weight of club and stroke and everything. I’m just trying to figure it all out.”

“It’s not exactly where I want to be, but it doesn’t matter when it comes to the Masters.”

“I’ve got two weeks and a really clear idea of what to work on.”

Do you think this is a small hint that Adam intends to retire from professional golf ? Why would you carry on playing if in your mind you can not win. Mental Attitude is everything, if Adam has convinced himself he has problems using a conventional putter, the chances of holing putts are slim, especially the important ones.

Personally I hope Adam uses a short putter at The Masters, and also that he continues to play great golf, as we all know he can.

Arnold Palmer Invitational. Matt Makes It Again.

White Dragon GolfArnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard Logo

Defending Champion Matt Every makes it again at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.

Matt Every and Arnold / Getty Images

Matt Every and Arnold / Getty Images

Matt joined Tiger Woods and Loren Roberts as the only players to repeat at Bay Hill, shooting a final round -6 under par 66, and an Arnold Palmer Invitational total of -19 under par, a one shot victory;

“It’s easy to get down on yourself out here, it’s the biggest waste of time because nobody really cares.”

“The last three feet I was begging for it to hang, and I was like, ‘Gosh, these are the ones that always lip out. Be so cool to see this one dive in,’ and it did. Cool moment.”

“I was playing so good, yesterday when I got done, that was the best I hit it in a long time.”

“I told Tiger I’d hold it down for him until he gets back.”

“I’m like, you’re already in the Masters.”

“After Augusta last year, I was really bummed out, I felt really good about my game and then I got there and got my butt kicked. “

“I’ve got to get better because I don’t want to be a guy who can’t compete there.”

“I do want to win more tournaments, though, scratch that I said that, but it’s neat to get them both here.”

Henrik, who finished second at -18 under par, was annoyed at being put on the clock by the officials, on the 15th hole, when he was leading the tournament, and I am inclined to agree with him, what a stupid decision;

“I’m a little bit disappointed with the outcome, but I’m as much disappointed with the PGA Tour officials for putting us on the clock on 15, starting to chase us down the stretch, and that’s not really the way to close out a golf tournament.”

“It’s hard enough to finish out a golf tournament and play those finishing holes without being on the clock.”

“I didn’t see the reason for that really. I didn’t even read my putt more than just one quick look on 15. Three-putted that one from long range. Morgan got a bad time on 16 on the second shot. I kind of rushed my putt from the back fringe.”

“It’s just hard when you don’t feel like you can take the time that you want to take. That surely didn’t help the cause.”

Ozzie Matt Jones finished in third place at -17 under par, with -4 under par 67 final round.

Rory, T11 at -11 under, spoke about the odds of him winning The Masters;

“I guess if you go on form, then probably no. But it depends how far you take that form back and you’ve got to look at previous results there and all sorts of stuff. I’m not a bookie.”

“The main goal was to come here and try to win, couldn’t do that. At least I got a couple of things out of this week, which is good.”


JTBC Founders Cup. 1st round Play Suspended Due to Weather Delay.

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I st round play at the JTBC Founders Cup was suspended due to inclement weather. World number one Lydia Ko was among those in the lead when play was halted.

JTBC Founders Cup

Lydia Ko / Getty Images

Lydia had a completed round of -6 under par 66, to share the top spot on the JTBC Founders Cup leaderboard with Sophia Popov, Kim Kaufman and Tiffany Joh, all have finished their opening rounds.

Play was suspended due to darkness, after a four-hour delay because of rain and unplayable conditions.

Kim got up early to drive to the course, and then got a delayed start;

“I got up at 4:30 and had an hour drive. I’m staying in South Phoenix with some friends, which now is a bad idea I think.”

“I got here and I slept in the dining room, and then warmed up a bit and then slept in the restaurant for the next one and then we finally went out and played.”

“But it is hard, when you’re sitting there and you’re sleeping on a table somewhere, the last thing you want to do is go warm up on the range.”

“But you do, you go out there and get going and get into it, and everyone did it.”

“I had a poor start, and I told myself, I’m not going to have this long day.”

“But it had been a long morning already so wanted to get something going. I was patient, rolled in a few birdies, hit it close on a couple holes and played pretty steady after that.”

Lydia was asked if she had heard of  Kathy Whitworth, the all-time LPGA career victories leader with 88 wins to her credit, she answered with a laugh;

“I’ve got 82 more to reach there, but it’s a long way and I say I would like to retire when I’m 30, and I don’t know how it all divides and how many I need to do.”

“They have got such amazing records and they feel so far away. I’m trying to concentrate on one tournament at a time and that’s all I can do.”

“It’s just hard to be those kind of people. I’ve still got a lot to work on my game to get even halfway near their record.”

When Sophia Popov got the news that she would be replacing Azahara Munoz as the final player in the field, she was in a hospital bed in Naples, Florida, and thought there was no way she could play;

“At first I thought, I can’t play, I was about to call my agent and say, you know what, there’s no way.”

“But I was kind of feeling better going into Friday, and then the doctor said, yeah, no, you’re not going anywhere.”

“Tough luck pretty much. He wasn’t really sympathizing with me a lot. He’s pretty mean. But I thought, you know, how I felt, I was like, I think I could give this a shot.”

“Sunday, I was still in the hospital and then they had me go home and get another infusion outside of the hospital and then I said, you know what, we’re going to fly Tuesday.”

“This was after I already rebooked my flight a million times. I said, that’s it, we’re going, and I feel okay.”

Valspar Championship. Brian Davis Leads.

White Dragon GolfValspar Champ

Brian Davis leads the Valspar Championship on the Copperhead course at Innisbrook Resort in Florida.

Valspar Championship

Brian Davis / Getty Images

Brian had a fantastic chip in for birdie on the ninth green, his last hole of the day at Innisbrook for a -6 under par 65 first round which took him to the top of the Valspar Championship leaderboard.

Brian said after he hit the shot there was no reaction from the crowd, but he was happy after carding bogey at the two previous holes;

“Delighted, I expected a clap and nobody clapped.”

“The golf course was there, no wind and fairly soft, so you have to try to make your score today if you could.”

Ricky Barnes and Sean O’Hair are tied in second place at -5 under par, with opening rounds of 66.

Sean was happy to be back in the mix once again;

“The last two years have been disappointing for me, I lost really everything.”

“I lost my ball-striking and kind of lost my mind, lost confidence as far as how I play the game because I like to hit a lot of different shots and I got very swing-oriented.”

Adam Scott was going well until he suffered four straight bogey’s on the back nine, he finished with an even par 71 round, and he hopes the new redesign scheduled for the Copperhead course does not change it too much;

“Fell asleep out there for about 30 minutes.”

“Hopefully, they don’t mess around with the design too much because I think we’ve got a really good golf course here.”


Tshwane Open. Morten Ørum Madsen and David Horsey Lead.

White Dragon Golf

Morten Ørum Madsen and David Horsey share the 1st round lead at the Tshwane Open at Pretoria Country Club in South Africa.

Tshwane Open

Morten Ørum Madsen / Getty Images

Morten produced a beautiful first round of -7 under par 63, which included everything, a bogey, an Eagle and an Ace, to share the lead of the Tshwane Open with David Horsey, who carded a blemish free opening round.

Morten is playing well, and said he had found some consistency in his game overall, and very impressed with his Ace;

“The last couple of weeks I’ve been hitting some shots really close and I actually said to my caddy last week that a hole in one is on the cards pretty soon.”

“Luckily for me it came today. I hit a fantastic shot, I couldn’t hit it better, and it spun back into the hole. That was only my second hole in one and it’s really special to have one in competition on The European Tour.”

“When you stand on the next tee you’re pretty pumped and confident. I succeeded in gathering my thoughts and hit a really nice drive and then a great second shot and then sank it, which was a fantastic way to finish.”

“It was the kind of thing you dream about, but don’t expect. Today was a great day and I had a lot of fun out there.”

“I’ve found something in my game that’s working and I’ve been pretty consistent.”

David reported that this is a course you have to think your way around;

“This place demands a bit more than just long hitting, it’s nice to play golf courses that make you think a bit more than just taking driver on every tee.” 

“I plotted my way around, because it’s very much a positional golf course. On the whole I’m very pleased with today’s work.”

Tied in third place are Wallie Coetsee, a runner-up in the Joburg Open a fortnight ago, and Brett Rumford, these two are only one shot behind the leaders at -6 under par today.

Wallie spoke of his recent good form;

“Today was special, things went my way but I’m doing something right. These three weeks have been very special.”

Keith Horne, Merrick Bremner, Dean Burmester and Raphael Jacquelin tied for the fifth position on -5 under par for the tournament.

WGC Cadillac Championships. JB Aces His Way to 5 Shot Lead

White Dragon GolfWGC-Cadillac Championship

JB Holmes carded an Ace on his way to a 5 shot lead going into the final round of the Cadillac Championships at Doral.

Cadillac Championships

JB Holmes / Getty Images

JB aced the par three 4th hole, which set him on his way to a -2 under par third round 70 at the Cadillac Championships, and a five shot advantage over the field with a -11 under par tournament total. He is certainly on course for a wire to wire win.

JB said this is a long course and you certainly need to plan your way around it;

“It’s a long golf course to start with, you’ve got to think your way around the golf course, and it’s really a ball-striker’s golf course.”

“Definitely there’s a few holes where you can take advantage of length, if you can get the driver and get it to go over a few bunkers depending on what the wind is, definitely can be an advantage.”

“I’m not going to change my game plan, obviously if you’re trying to catch up, you have to hit at a few more flags, but that just gets you in trouble out here.”

“So you’ve just got to be patient and try to make some pars and minimize the big numbers. That’s part of this golf course is just you can make a few birdies but you can make a bogey real quick out here.”

Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson are tied in second place at -6 under par.

In a strange coincidence Dustin also Aced the 4th hole today, and said he will need a quick start to his round tomorrow if he wants to make a challenge;

“I could tell it’s going right at it from back of the tee but it kind of goes up and over the hump and I could hear them get loud.”

“Then obviously when they started screaming, I knew it was in.”

“I really struck the irons well, controlled my distance well, had great looks at it all day long.”

“Didn’t roll the putter all that great but overall it was a really good day.”

“This golf course is very hard, and just get off to a good start and try to get a little pressure on early”

“Just got to get off to a good start.”

Just yesterday Bubba was saying the course was way too hard for him to contend;

“I can’t stand the golf course. It’s way too tough for me.”

“Donald Trump, he put together a tough one for me and very difficult. Seemed like I was in sand all day, like I was back in Pensacola Beach.”

Dustin and Bubba are the only guys with any chance at all of catching JB, and he would need to card an awful final round to actually lose this title, because no one is going to go low, that’s for sure.

For your information, a scuba diver went into the lake today, during play, and  retrieved Rory McIlroy’s 3 iron from the depths, dont suppose he really needed it, the company would have replaced it, gratis.






WGC Cadillac Championships, J.B. Still In Charge.

White Dragon GolfWGC-Cadillac Championship

J.B. Holmes is still in charge of the WGC Cadillac Championships at the Doral Golf Club in Florida.

HSBC Cadillac Championship

JB taking punishment / Getty Images

J.B. carded a +1 over par 73 in the second round of the WGC Cadillac Championships, but still held onto the lead by two shots at -9 under par for the tournament and is very happy with that result;

“I’ve got a two‑shot lead, not too bad.’

“If you had told me that at the beginning of week I would have a two‑shot lead after two rounds, I would have said, alright, sounds good.”

Ryan Moore is in second place, a second round score of -1 under par 71 keeping him in sight of the leader at -7 under par, just two shots adrift.

Third place goes to Adam Scott, he is at -6 under par after his -4 under par 68 today. So good to see Adam using a conventional putter, although that claw grip will do him no favors. The grip is too fragile, and is the main reason Sergio Garcia has not been successful in Major’s.

Rory McIlroy had an up and down day, which included him showing off his club chucking skills, a 3 iron into the lake, following his ball. He ended up at -1 under par and T11 after his -2 under par second round.

Rory said of his club throwing incident;

“Must have went a good 60, 70 yards I think, felt good at the time.”

“Look, I just let frustration get the better of me. It was heat of the moment, and I mean, if it had of been any other club I probably wouldn’t have but I didn’t need a 3‑iron for the rest of the round so I thought, why not.”

“Looking back, it isn’t one of my proudest moments, but you know, walked away with a bogey and regrouped and did OK.”

“What happened after the second shot on eight I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do, especially if there’s kids watching at home.”

“First of all, it’s expensive. Second of all, you shouldn’t do it. It was one of those things that was heat of the moment, and you know, we’ll move on.”

HSBC Cadillac Championship

Rory and Lake bound 3 iron / Getty Images

Rory was playing alongside Bubba Watson and Henrik Stenson, both of whom are at -4 under par for the competition.

Henrik is no stranger to outbursts himself, he actually admired the length of Rory’s throw;

“It was a good release, yes.”

“He’s a strong fellow for not the tallest guy, and he had good speed on that one, too. You know, gets to the best of us, or to all of us.”

“I’ve done my fair share of those kind of things over the years, so I’m not going to judge anyone on anything.”

“Well, if you can’t get on `SportsCenter’ with your play, at least you can do it with something else.”

Bubba commented on the incident, with tongue in cheek;

 “I thought it was a practice swing and the grip was wet.”

“I just don’t have any comments for that because we all get frustrated, so there’s no reason to say anything negative about it.”