Arnold Palmer Invitational. Justin Joined by Bill Haas

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Justin Rose was joined at the top of the leaderboard by Bill Haas, at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, presented by MasterCard, at the conclusion of the second round at Bay Hill Club and Lodge.

Updates from Bay Hill

Justin Rose and Bill Haas / Greenwood / Getty Images

Justin let the lead slip away from him on the last green, with a three putt, to finish his second round with a score of -2 under par 70, and a total of -9 under par.

When asked about the three putt aberration, Justin replied;

” But that was the only thing that hampered the day, really, all in all, an exciting day and I’m in a good position.”

He also gave credit to Tiger for the way he played today;

” He’s normally a fast finisher, and you can expect him to probably finish fast on the weekend. He did a lot of hard work today, he actually played really well. I thought he was probably a couple of shots away from shooting 64 today at times. I’m sure he was very disappointed because he actually played some great golf today.”

Justin also had to battle against a heckler in the crowd;

“I was reading the putt thinking, `Might go a little bit right-to-left of the hole. Fairly straight overall.’ And as I’m lining it up, someone is like, `It goes right. It goes right. It goes right.’ So I’m like, `OK, thanks, buddy. It’s just one of those annoying moments where you’re having to then battle someone who planted a seed. And I hit a great putt that’s in the middle with 4 feet to go and it goes left of the hole.”

Bill Haas said he had in his mind to get back the two shots he should not have dropped yesterday;

“So to leave, basically giving two away, my goal today was try to get those two back and go from there. That was kind of my mindset today, and then I was able to keep it going.”

John Huh is in third place at -8 under par, he had a second round of -3 under par.

Tiger Woods, partnering again with Justin today, hit the ball better but it did not improve his total for the round, in fact he was one shot worse off than yesterday. This was mainly due to  three sloppy bogies to fall four shots behind going into the weekend, when he was actually just one shot out of the lead with three holes to play;

” The good news is we’ve got 36 holes to go, we’ve got a long way to go. And certainly four shots can be made up.”

Tiger is tied in seventh place at -5 under par, after his second round of -2 under par.

Arnold Palmer Invitational. Rosey Rises to The Top.

Englishman Justin Rose fired in a first round -7 under par 65, and rose to the top of the leaderboard, at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, leading the field by two shots.

Rosy outlook

Justin Rose / Cannon / Getty Images

Justin was playing in the group with Tiger Woods at Bay Hill on Thursday, he  put on a clinic with the putter and ran off four straight birdies late in his round at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, presented by MasterCard.

Justin did not see this coming, saying;

“If you had said I would shoot a 65 on the range this morning, I would have probably said, `How many holes have I played?’ And that didn’t change much, the first five, six holes out there were a grind.”

The difference today was Justin’s putting;

I dedicated myself at making a few changes and getting better at that part of the game. I’ve had some good days, no doubt. And today was probably the first real hot day I’ve had with the blade in a long, long time. We all know it’s about consistency and that’s what I’m still working towards. It’s just fun to know that I obviously can do it, and I enjoy a lot of confidence from that.”

John Huh is in second place, at -5 under par, he  had a chance to catch Justin late in the afternoon, but required a birdie on the final hole to do so. Unfortunately John found a fairway bunker on No. 9 and took a bogey for a -5 under par round of 67.

John Rollins and Brad Fritsch were at -4 under par with rounds of 68, to be tied in third place.

Tiger Woods had two uncharacteristic bogeys from greenside bunkers and definitely did not  hit the ball as well as he did when he won The Honda Classic two weeks ago. It was his putting that kept his round reasonable, tied in fifth place after a round of -3 under par, 69.

“It was one of my good ones, days happen like this. It was cool this morning, and it just didn’t work out. But I scored well, and I kept myself in the tournament. I’m right there. Justin played a beautiful round of golf today. He had every single facet of his game working, so we had a good time out there. I got a lot out of this round, and I threw away a few shots as well.”

Arnold Palmer Hospitalized, after his Invitational Tournament

Arnold Palmer was hospitalized after the MasterCard presented Arnold Palmer Invitational tournament contested at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge, in Orlando Florida.


Arnold was hospitalized Sunday afternoon because of high blood pressure from a new medication. He unfortunately missed the trophy presentation at his tournament when Tiger Woods won for the first time in 30 months on the PGA Tour.

Alaistair Johnston, vice chairman at IMG and Palmer’s longtime business manager explained that Arnold had been advised to monitor his blood pressure throughout the day because of some issues with the new  medicine he was taking. During one last test about 15 minutes before the tournament showed an increase in Arnold’s blood pressure, Mr Johnston said;

“Nobody is overly concerned about the prognosis. It wasn’t anything to do with any ailments or any discomfort he felt. The blood pressure was at a level where the doctor involved suggested that he go immediately to get more intensive evaluation at the hospital.”

Tiger Woods was upset that “The King” was not available to award him the trophy, he tweeted later; “Get well soon, Arnie,”

A sentiment felt by everyone, everywhere. Second placed Graeme McDowell said;

“I was surprised to see him not around, and when we just heard the news on the side that he had been taken to the hospital, of course we were very upset and certainly praying that everything is going to be OK. That really puts a little bit of a damper on the spirits on 18th green when Tiger is going to pick up his trophy.”

Arnold’s grandson Sam Saunders tweeted later;

“For all concerned my granddad is doing fine and will be good to go tomorrow. Thank you for all of your nice comments and concern.”

Tiger Wins, Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard.


Tiger won the Arnold Palmer Invitational by five strokes from Graeme McDowell. Tiger finished the tournament at -13 under par, compared to McDowell’s -8 under par. This is Tiger’s breakthrough victory on the PGA Tour, and sets him up nicely for The Masters.

Tiger Woods Leads at Bay Hill, Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard.


Tiger Woods shoots a 2nd round -7 under par 65 to share the lead at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, presented by MasterCard at Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando Florida. Joining Woods on -10 under par is first round leader Charlie Wi, with a -4 under par round of 68.

The pair lead the tournament by just one shot from Jason Dufner and Graeme McDowell who are at -9. Graeme McDowell had the round of the day shooting 63, the -9 under par round moved him all the way up the leaderboard to a share of second place.

At -6 under par for the tournament is England’s Justin Rose, who has been playing really well lately, competing strongly and looking for another win. Behind Justin are six players on -5 under par, they are, Bubba Watson, Sergio Garcia, Chris Stroud, Webb Simpson, Zach Johnson and the evergreen 49-year-old V. J. Singh.

Very surprised to see young Korean Sang-Moon Bae missing the cut, he had a round of 74 yesterday and then followed it with a 75 today, missing the cut by 2 shots.

Arnold Palmer Invitational, 1st Round


Charlie Wi and Jason Dufner lead the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill after the first round, after both players  shot a -6 under par rounds of 66. Nick Watney is alone in second spot with a -4 under par 68, and is followed by a number of players finishing at -3 under par.

Among those at -3 is Tiger Woods and Justin Rose, tiger was happy to be back at Bay Hill;

” Great to be back. I haven’t played the golf course since last year’s tournament, and it’s in good shape this year. I think that with no wind, I think you might see some pretty good scores out here. The ball is going far because it is warm, and greens are rolling pretty good out there.”

Justin replied to a question about his play the last couple of weeks;

” Obviously it’s been a fun couple of weeks. A lot of people have congratulated me on the win and that’s always nice to receive but at the same time, you’re trying to keep your head in the game and into the particular week that you’re playing. So obviously I went to play Transitions and for the most part played really well there. Kind of had a 27-hole period in the middle of that tournament where I went AWOL, maybe just went a little bit flat for that period of time. But Tavistock Cup the last couple days, again, played pretty solid. What I’m finding is I’m kind of coming out of the traps pretty well, my game is good but the last couple days, I’ve just been sort of stumbling towards the end of my rounds and getting a little bit tired but need to find just a nice way to kick it into gear for four more rounds before I take a week off. ”

Big hitting Bubba Watson also joined the group on -3, and is also handily placed after completing his first round at Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando Florida.

Arnold Palmer @ Mastercard Extend Their Contract

 Chris McWilton,  the president of  U.S. markets for MasterCard have announced their support of Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill with an extension of their sponsorship of this great tournament for another four years through 2016.

Arnold was very happy with this announcement;    

” Of course I’m very happy to have the extension by MasterCard and it puts a lot of things to rest for the next few years. We will continue to work to make this tournament the best tournament on the TOUR. And I mean that. With the hospital and the things that are happening there, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be able to say the things that the neonatal intensive care unit, the expansion of that, and the things that will happen in the next couple of years there, is something that is very, very important to us. And of course, the hospital itself with all of the various units, whether it be heart, kidneys, you name it, we are striving to be the best. And that is also very important to me. The tournament itself, this year is something that is really going to make, I think, history in the game of golf. The golf course itself is by far the best it’s been any time in the 34 years that we’ve had this tournament. And I think the players realize that we are working hard to make this golf tournament one that will get everyone’s eye and attention. And through the years, we will continue to do the things that we are doing to make the golf course better, and to make the players come here and enjoy this competition.”

“This is wonderful. It just continues with something that has been very, very good. The hospital is thriving. And of course the new neonatal intensive care unit with the addition is very important to all of us. And as you know, the Arnold Palmer hospital and Winnie Palmer Hospital and the Medical Center turns no one away.”

“So all of that is one of the great things that’s happening out of this tournament, and something that makes us all very happy. And to have  Chris, to make this announcement is also kind of a landmark and something that we are all very pleased and proud about. So with the announcement of the four more with MasterCard and our sponsors, I am most appreciative of all the things that are happening.” “Thank you very much.”

Arnold was then asked about his views on belly, and broomstick putters, he gave an interesting reply;

” Well, you’re opening up a big subject there. Of course, I don’t think there’s ever been a club made that I know of that has not been in my bag. (Laughter) May not stay long, and the long putter is one of them. I’m not a fan of long putters. I suppose that if I were playing, and a long putter, being totally legal, and would help my game, I might use it. But I’m opposed to it personally. I just think that there shouldn’t be a place in the game for anchoring a club against the body, which is what the long putter does. So, technically, and principally, I am against it. But would I use it if it were going to enhance my game in the competition? I might.”

Interesting comments, I will be sending one of our White Dragon Putters to Arnold for his collection, would also be nice to get some comments from him on its performance. Talking about putting practice Arnold said the best advice given to him was;

“Man, you’re the greatest putter in the world. Well, that was probably what I needed, somebody to give me confidence in the fact that I could putt.”