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Merry Christmas 

To all my followers, readers, of my blog, and of course to all the golfers out there who are using the

White Dragon GolfWhite Dragon Putter.

Hope you all have a great holiday time, and if you are like me you will find some time to play some golf. Every Christmas Day my wife and I play at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Links, which has hosted 12 New Zealand Open’s.

Wendy is not a great fan of my course, the first reason is the bunkers;

White Dragon Golf

and the second objection is the true links course fairways;

White Dragon Golf

But we still manage to have some fun out there, and then go home for traditional Christmas Dinner. It is a bit strange for us because it is summer here and we always think of a white Christmas, and a roaring log fire. Christmas Day we will be in shorts and covered in sun protection cream as Wendy will still beat me on Stableford points in our annual contest, despite all her objections to the course lay-out.

White Dragon Golf

If you fancy tackling this course, let me know, I will be happy to take you round. It’s summer, come on over and enjoy yourselves.



Merry Christmas Everyone

Wishing everyone around the world a very Merry Christmas and of course a Prosperous New Year in 2014.

SantaThis is me in my Santa outfit, delivering toys to the kids. Not quite a Reindeer Sleigh but no one seemed to care too much about that. No animals were harmed during this event. Problem for me was the temperature, its 90 degree’s in the sunshine, and a lot warmer inside that suit !! It took a while to call out 120 names hand them their gift, and of course have a picture taken with all of them. Bit it was fun.


12-12-12 Merry Christmas

I remember being in school and writing the date 5.5.55, and was fascinated by the numbers. The same thing happened 10 years later, 6-6-66, by then I had been married for four years and had a baby daughter. The next event was 7.7.77, everything in the garden was rosy, the sixties and seventies in London was just simply magical. The music scene, flower power, Hippies, Rock Bands galore, some of whom are still going. Like the Rolling Stones, and this year there is a 40th anniversary tour by Pink Floyd, they will be playing all of the songs from Dark Side of the Moon. and others. I will certainly be buying tickets for that event. The next date was 8-8-88 and the next ten years were very good to us and we prospered all the way through to 9-9-99.  By the time 10-10-10 things had taken a backward step monetarily, but we just enjoyed watching the grand kids grow up, I had never imagined that I would be playing football with my grand kids, what fun.  Then my eldest daughter moved to New Zealand and we followed in 2002, So 11-11-11 was Springtime in New Zealand. My youngest daughter and her kids followed the rest of us out here. So here we all are, Me my Wife of 50 years Wendy, two daughters, six grand kids, three of each variety, and amazingly one great grand-child. He is three years old, and guess what, I play football with him now. How amazing is that. Today is a sunny summers day, 12-12-12, we are still in New Zealand having fun and strangely enough am working again. Have set up a golf company, White Dragon Golf, web address just in-case you want to visit us.

Merry Christmas Everybody.