Wegmans LPGA Championship. Inbee Park Prevails.

White Dragon GolfWegmans LPGA Championship

Inbee Park prevails at the Wegmans LPGA Championship at Monroe Golf Club in New York.

Wegmans LPGA Championship

Inbee Park /Getty Images

Inbee birdied the last two holes to get into a play-off, and then ultimately won the Wegmans LPGA Championship after beating Brittany Lincicome for the Major trophy. Both ladies had finished at -11 under par, Inbee with a final round of -2 under par 70, and Brittany with -1 under par 71.

Inbee thought she was very lucky today;

“I think it’s very lucky that I actually got an opportunity today, because you know, I thought I probably won’t get an opportunity with Brittany coming up the last and if she made a par I would not have gone into playoff.

And I holed really good putts on number 17 and 18 to put me in the playoffs. So yeah, just very happy the way I played today.”

“This is probably one of the favorite weeks that we ; for me and probably for all the LPGA players to come and kind of stay for a week, and yeah, this tournament has the history, and this tournament has all the memories with us”

“So being able to put my name on this trophy twice and being able to do it here in Rochester is such a great honor, and yeah, we’ll be missing Rochester. We definitely want to come back here for another event.”

Brittany put her loss down to nerves;

“Just need to learn how to control the nerves a little bit more. I was really, really nervous coming down the stretch, especially the 18th hole and then the playoff, that putt that I had, the first putt, and then the chip that I had I was shaking like a leaf, which it’s hard to do anything when you’re shaking.”

“I feel like I was like; I don’t know what I had, but it’s just not a fun feeling.”

“Obviously they were tears of joy, finishing second in a major is always a good thing. Obviously I would have liked to have been the one holding the trophy on the 18th green right now, but feel like I played really, really well this week.”

” Hopefully we can keep that going for the rest of the year. I really feel like this will be the stepping stone that I kind of needed to push me to want to keep it going and to be in the Top 10 each week like I kind of was like three years ago.”

In third place on her own was Lydia Ko, who finished the tournament at -8 under par, following her last round -2 under par 70, this is her best finish so far on tour in a Major;

“You know, obviously didn’t really; it was kind of a disappointing finishing with two bogeys, but overall I played pretty solid today, and I tried to give myself opportunities and made a lot of good putts.”

“So yeah, I’m pretty happy with how the major has finished. This gives me a lot of confidence. You know, majors are where we try and perform our best, and to have a top-5 finish, I think that’s really good.”


Wegmans LPGA Championship. Lincicome Still Leads.

White Dragon GolfWegmans LPGA Championship

Brittany Lincicome still leads the Wegmans LPGA Championship at the 54 hole stage at Monroe Golf Club in New York.


Wegmans LPGA Championship

Brittany Lincicome / Getty Images

Brittany could only manage a -1 under par 71 third round, but it was still enough to keep her lead going into the final round of the Wegmans LPGA Championship in New York. She told reporters about the state of her nerves;

“Nervous was probably an understatement, my stomach was in knots. When it came time to eat lunch, it just wasn’t happening because I haven’t been in this position in a while.”

“I think because I haven’t been in this position in a while, it just kind of all caught up with me, just tried to take multiple deep breaths out there.  I don’t think I calmed down until really the back nine probably. “

“Hopefully going into tomorrow it’s kind of out of my system, I kind of know what it feels like to kind of be in this position and I will kind of dominate again.”

Brittany is a shot ahead of Inbee Park  and Suzann Pettersen. Suzann carded a -5 under par 67 and Inbee shot -3 under par 69 for both of them to be at -9 under par for the tournament.

Suzann mentioned her liking for the back nine here at Monroe Golf Club;

“I seem to like the back nine. I like what I see, I managed to make a move. It’s nice to make a charge. I actually could have had a couple more.”

“I made the turn a bit frustrated that I three putted nine. I actually got to the green and three putted, which felt like I was giving away a shot. But I managed to kind of make a move, and the game responded pretty good.”

” Then I actually thought I could have had a couple more out there.  Had a couple of great looks.  So it’s nice to make a charge and kind of be where I’m at right now.”

Inbee admitted to hitting a couple of bad shots, and is hoping for a better result tomorrow;

“I hit a couple of bad shots and kind of scrambled around today. I mean I still feel like I definitely left a couple out there today, but number 17 and 18, you know, dropping those putts really helped me for tomorrow. Three back is quite a bit different.  So I’m happy where I am right now, and yeah, we’ll see tomorrow.”

Mirim Lee is two shots further back at -7 under par, and is in fourth position while Lydia Ko is back T5 at -6 under par.

Lydia made a slow start today

“I didn’t start off very well.  I made a bogey on the second hole, and then I came back with a good birdie on 3, but then made a bogey on 8 and I was suddenly at one over par for the Front 9.  Bogeyed 10.”
“But I kind of grinded it out, made two birdies in a row and then made another bogey, then made another birdie.  So it was kind of a birdie‑bogey day, but I’m pretty happy that I finished 1‑under.”


The Wegmans LPGA Championship. Brittany Bounces to the Top.

White Dragon GolfWegmans LPGA Championship

Brittany Lincicome bounces to the top of The Wegmans LPGA Championship at Monroe Golf Club in New York.

Wegmans LPGA Championship

Brittany Lincicome / Getty Images

Brittany scored a second round -4 under par 68 to post a Wegmans LPGA Championship total of -9 under par. She was excited about her stress free three shot lead;

“It’s been incredible, I haven’t been here in a while so it’s pretty exciting anytime you can shoot under par especially at a major.  It feels really nice.  I feel like all year I’ve been doing a lot of good things, hitting well, putting well, chipping well, they just don’t seem to all come together on the same day.  So it was nice to play the last two days and just kind of seeing like I was out there doing my thing and there was not too much stress involved.”

“I am still going to go try to birdie as many holes as I possibly can, and with both of those players, especially Inbee, she can shoot 61 like it’s nothing. So it doesn’t matter how big a lead you have with her behind you and Lexi or Lydia even, gosh, you just need to keep your same game plan that I’ve had and try to take advantage of the par 5’s and just see if we can stay ahead of all of them.” 

Sharing second place at -6 under par are Inbee Park and Lexi Thompson.

Inbee showed her quality firing a second round -6 under par 66, while Lexi stood still posting an even par 72.

Lexi intends to be more aggressive in the third round, and intends to bomb the driver down every fairway;

“I have nothing to lose, go for it tomorrow and play aggressive. I hit driver on every hole out here, so just hopefully my irons hold up for me like they did yesterday.”

Inbee knows she has been close recently, and thinks something good is just around the corner, shooting -6 under par makes you feel that way;

“I just came so close the last two weeks, I played in the British and last week.  So I feel like something is around the corner.  Hopefully, I can do it this week in a major.  That would be great.”

Lydia Ko is one of three ladies tied in fourth place at -5 under par for the tournament, and is thinking of winning again;

“For me I think about winning at the end of the week, I know especially like Toledo I realized I became a millionaire after that.  I mean, to kind of have those accomplishments is really cool, but I’m really going out there and trying to play the best I can.  It’s hard to control what I do, but to control what other people are doing is pretty much impossible.”

Wegmans LPGA Championship. Two Teid at the Top.

White Dragon GolfWegmans LPGA Championship There are two ladies tied at the top of the Wegmans LPGA Championship trophy at Monroe Gold Club in New York.

WEgmans LPGA Championship

Lexi Thompson / Getty Images

Lexi Thompson and Meena Lee both shot opening rounds of -6 under par 66, to lead the Wyndham LPGA Championship at Monroe Golf Club in New York. Lexi said she was trusting on her length off the tee round this course;

“I would definitely say my length is an advantage. Coming into the week I knew this golf course was going to be setup good for me. I get to hit driver on every hole, but you just have to hit it straight in majors because usually they grow the rough up pretty deep and that’s what majors call for.” Just being confident over my irons, and just working on the swing change and staying with it I think has helped me out so much and just trusting it out there.” “It’s pretty simple. I mean I just usually take it back a little closed with my club face, so I’m just working on a little bit of more rotation on the way back. But mainly what I’ve always been focusing on is just more controlled swings and not getting too all over the place with my golf swing.”

Meena reported that although the greens are soft, they are still pretty fast; “The greens are very soft, but still it’s fast, even if it’s downhill putt, it’s still fast. It’s very exciting, and then, well, it’s just first day, so I’ll do my best tomorrow and weekend.” “It’s a major tournament this week, so I got more like more relaxed. I like this golf course.  It’s in really good shape.  The greens perfect, fairways good.  I mean the other girls really liked this golf course.”

Tied in third place are; Brittany Lincicome, Lisa McClosky and Jennifer Kirby, all at -5 under par. Lisa said the thought of having to play to a cut line each week has made playing each round an anxiety-filled task;

“Just kind of getting used to have a cut every week. I know this is my second year and I should probably be used to it by now, but I feel like that kind of affects the way that I play. It kind of just tenses me up, and I can’t play as free as I would like to. So I think that’s been really, really hard for me.” “I mean once you kind of have like one or two good tournaments, it’s easy to kind of relax and feel more comfortable out there, but this year I just haven’t really gotten anything going. So it’s quite a bit harder.”

Brittany was just having a good time out there; ” I was hitting things to like a foot and just tapping them in, it was stress free. I was having fun with Meena and Christina, and we were just having a good time out there, so I think it’s just for relaxing and not putting pressure on myself and just going out there and having a good time.”

Wegmans LPGA Championship. Park Prevails in 36 Hole Shoot-Out


Inbee Park prevailed in the 36 hole shoot-out for the Wegmans LPGA Championship at Locust Hill Country Club in New York.

Inbee Park

Inbee Park / Halleran /Getty Images.

Inbee won the Wegmans LPGA Championship with an eighteen foot birdie on the third play-off hole at Locust Hill country Club. This was Inbee’s third Major title, and she said she was not sure she could do it today;

” I didn’t know that I was going to be able to do it today, I was hitting the ball everywhere today on the final round.  It just made my day so much tougher. But just putting my name on the Wegmans LPGA championship trophy just means so much to me.  And this is my third win in a major championship.  So that means a lot.  And getting a lot closer to my goals set for my golf career. I could have made one more putt maybe on 17 or 16, but I’ve made some amazing up‑and‑downs before that. So I mean bogeys were bound to come with the way I’ve been striking the ball today.  I mean if you miss the fairways here, you really can’t avoid bogeys here. And I knew that I had good plans, but I really didn’t expect to win with the way I was playing today.  I mean I was really trying to be calm, and you know, not to get mad even if I don’t win. A year ago everything I think really started to click, my swing was getting a lot better, hitting I think my weakest part of my game was ball striking and my short game and putting has always been very good, and I wasn’t really able to hit the shots that I needed to. Starting last year, two years, I mean I started to hit the ball lots better and giving myself a lot of birdie chances.I mean it was tough to win the second one, Evian, after four years with no win, but after that I felt so comfortable and felt the confidence, and yeah, just really comfortable when I’m in the last group.”

Tied with Inbee on -5 under par at the finish was Scotswoman Catriona Mathew, she had a final round of -4 under par, 68, and was disappointed at missing out on a win, but was happy with her overall result;

“The last I looked at the scoreboard, Inbee had a solid lead, so I was quite surprised when suddenly I looked at the leaderboard on eighteen and two putts would get me in a playoff. When I started today the last round I probably didn’t realize I could win. So to play well and get into the playoffs was obviously pretty good.  Obviously when you get into it, it’s pretty disappointing but overall pretty good week.”

Tied in third place was Suzann Petterson, who had an amazing last round of -7 under par, 65, and Morgan Pressel, who was in position to win at the start of play, both ladies finished on -4 under par for the tournament.

Suzann had made an adjustment to her putting routine, and it paid dividends;

” I just made an adjustment in my address, I think I was starting too far away from the ball, and pretty much made everything I looked at this afternoon. So I don’t why I didn’t do this before when I putted so bad the first, second and the third round.
But I’m proud the way I came back, tried to post a number that felt like I had a good chance at pretty much every hole on the back nine. But just a little bit too late, unfortunately.”

Morgan was disappointed with her performance;

”  How do I sum it up?  I mean I’m definitely disappointed, but it’s the first time in a long time I’ve contended, so I’m happy with the way that I played this week as a whole. I had chances, nothing went in, and that happens.”


The Barclays, Nick Watney Wins

Nick Watney/Cox/Getty Images

Straight to the top

Nick Watney won The Barclays tournament at Bethpage Black course in Farmingdale New York in some style with a score of -10 under par for the event. He won by three shots from fellow American Brandt Snedeker, who had a -1 under par last round to finish with a score of -7 under par.

Nick commented after his win about the extra putting coaching he received, which stopped him from leaning back on his heels;

“I made more putts than I made all year, it paid off. With the way things were going, I don’t know if anybody would have expected this, this week. But you know, Bill Haas proved last year that if you make it to Atlanta, you have a chance. The way they have the FedExCup formatted, it’s pretty neat. You need to be in Atlanta. So I wanted to have a good week. And to be No. 1 now is amazing. It’s been not quite the year I would have wanted, but this really makes it all forgotten. I’m thinking about the Ryder Cup, much more now than I was coming in, because coming in here, I didn’t deserve to be in the conversation, because I had not played my way in. Someone told me that Davis said he wanted a hot player, and we still have a week to go, but I’d love to be on the team. But I’m not really concerned with it just because it’s out of my control.”

The biggest surprise of the day was the way Sergio Garcia went from a commanding leading position to scrambling to finish in a tie for third place. Sergio sunk like a soggy souffle on Sunday afternoon, with five bogeys on the back nine, not the type of performance we were all looking towards, especially European Ryder Cup Captain Jose Maria Olazabal. Equally concerning for American Ryder Cup captain, Davis Love 111, was the collapse of  Tiger Woods, who finished the tournament at +1 over par.

Sergio is a fan of both Nick and Brandt and thinks Davis should consider both players for the Ryder Cup;

” I’m not, obviously, the U.S. Ryder Cup captain, but I think both Nick and Brandt, they both played great. They have been playing very nicely. Obviously Nick has had a little bit of a slower year this year, but you know, as a player, I hope they make the team, and then we’ll see what happens there.”

Brandt is also thinking of the Ryder Cup;

“The golf course was the winner this week, it was so tough to play the last two days. The greens were just as firm as I can remember on the Tour, the fairways were as firm as I can remember on Tour. It was a great test of how mentally strong you could stay on the course over the last 36 holes, because you knew you were just going to get some bad breaks no, way around it. Nick obviously played great today, to shoot under par today. The Ryder Cup’s definitely on my mind. But I’m not letting it affect the way I play. I try to win every golf tournament. The Ryder Cup gives me more motivation, and if I do that, I know I will make the decision easy for them. Davis has an extremely difficult choice with a bunch of guys. You can’t go wrong with any of them.”