Lydia Ko @ New Zealand Open

Lydia Ko, the World No.1 amateur, giggled her way through the media questions ahead of the fourth New Zealand Open at quake town Christchurch. She handled all of the questions on her life and her love for golf with much composure, just as she has shown on the course over the past month where she has made worldwide golf headlines with her performances. Answering queries about her age and her status was world amateur No. 1, Lydia replied;

“I don’t feel that I am 14 unless someone tells me and I don’t feel like I am World No. 1 unless someone says ‘Oh My God you are World No.1’ I don’t really think about it. It is unconscious thinking.”

Local government controlled betting organisation TAB has made Lydia favorite for the Womens Open, she was surprised at the ranking;

“When I looked at the article I was like ‘Woah, why me? I guess people are getting more interest in me and that is good. Hopefully I can come close. My first goal is to make the cut. I came fourth last year and that was a pretty good placing. I am hoping for a top 10.”” From the middle of last year people began noticing me and saying ‘Oh My God that’s Lydia Ko.’ It’s good and in a good way to be popular.”

One factor that should be taken into consideration is fatigue, Lydia admits the strain of playing back to back tournaments is taking it’s toll;

“I am really tired. I think I have just been playing way too much tournaments. This is my fifth tournament in a row and it is a lot of golf. My first week was where I played the Australian Amateur which was eight days in a row and then 36 holes in the final. I am not mentally tired because of a lot of expectation on me but more physically tired from playing so much. But I am still enjoying it and I played good the past couple of weeks so when you play well you enjoy it.”

Asked when she would be joining the professional ranks Lydia replied she and her coach are in no hurry;

“It’s not a hurry I think, In three or four years. I want to develop my game to a different level. Play like a professional. I have just played four pro events as an amateur. My coach Guy, and my parents are not hurrying me to turn pro. I don’t think your game can be perfect. It’s in an OK, to good, state at the moment. I think it just needs a few twitches and tweaks.”

Lydia KoGetty Images