Obama in Hawaii

President Obama is receiving some bad press for playing golf in Hawaii. I like Harry Trueman’s statement,

“To criticize the president, because he plays a game of golf is unfair and picayunish. He has the same right to relax from the heavy burdens of office as any other man.”

Well said, even God rested on the seventh day.


It has been reported that President Obama Monday set a new personal one-year golfing record while serving as president.¬†After golfing at a Marine Corps base Monday, Obama has so far totaled 32 golf outings this year, topping the totals in each of the first two years of his presidency. I personally didn’t think that was much of an effort, as I generally play around 16/20 rounds a month myself. Even my beleauged¬†and stressed out Realator friend Kevin Wachter from Remax in Denver gets out more than that. From this photo it appears he would rather be addressing the crowd instead of the ball while on the green.