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Hi Peter,

Congratulations on your recent Eagle on the par 5, hole 12 at Paraparaumu Beach!

We all love to remember the joy and excitement we experienced on the special day that the most elusive of all golfing goals came to pass. The day of your hole-in-one, eagle or albatross is one of those special days. One that, when remembered, brings a smile to your face.

The exclusive Two Under Club gives recognition to these special golfing achievements.

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Even more good news is that you also qualify for membership of the exclusive Two Under Club & we’ve been helping golfers celebrate their Hole in One, Albatross or Eagle for over 37 years.

Special Golf Days in our lives should be remembered!

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Best Regards,

Vern Pere
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Augusta National & Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club.

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Augusta National Chairman  Mr. Fred Ridley recently played Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club along with the Captain of the R&A, Mr Bruce Mitchell, accompanied by  members of the Asian Confederation during  their visit to Wellington for the Asian Pacific Amateur.


Paraparaumu club members acted at caddies for the distinguished guests, and a great day was had by all.

Mr Fred Ridley commented;

“Golf is a great pathway to friendship.”

Another visitor this year to Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club was Mr David Davis from  respected ratings site,  top100golfcourses.com following his enjoyable experience at PBGC Mr Davies said;

 “I can’t help feeling that Paraparaumu Beach remains one of the world’s most underrated golf courses.”

“I strongly believe that it is indeed where it belongs, in the World Top 100.”

The top100golfcourses.com list is compiled by an enthusiastic bunch of well-traveled and golf educated individuals that spend their free time in pursuit of great golf.

Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club has indeed returned to the Top 100, at #97, a huge fillip for the club, it’s members and management team, lead by Mr Leo Barber.

Mr Fergal O’Leary,  a self-confessed golf course addict, who completed playing the Top 100 ranked courses in the United States in just 4 years at 28 years of age, and also a course rater, played here in 2016;

“Everything about the club is humble and unpretentious and fits every element of a golfing gem.”

“If you are looking for a course which will examine how accurate you are from the tee, then you’ve met your match.”


White Dragon Putter Success. Merry Christmas

White Dragon GolfWhite Dragon Golf

In 2015 Brent Hartridge, a Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club member won the Sam Frankpitt Cup, this year 2017  Brent has repeated his success. I tell you this festive news because Brent uses a White Dragon Putter, to roll those putts in.

White Dragon Golf

Club Captain Glen Mitchell, Alan Briant, Brent holding the Cup and Club President Paul De Bernardo. ( yes it is summer down here in N.Z. at Christmas)

Brent made it a repeat of his 2015 victory when he claimed the prestigious Sam Frankpitt Cup at the Paraparaumu Beach Gold Club weekends Captain vs President tournament.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and trust that those putts will continue to drop in the New Year, for White Dragon Putter people around the world.

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Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, Golf Club of the Year 2017.


White Dragon Golf

Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, my club, has been  announced as the regions “Club of the Year” at an awards dinner.


Acknowledgement was paid to our wonderful membership base, our committed staff, the countless volunteers that contribute to the operation of the club and its upkeep, those that assist with developing the game and indeed those that have performed so well in the past 12 months competitively playing the game and of course our committees that have provided the sound leadership, vision and governance.

Judging criteria for the award included, membership retention and growth, financial management, planning and strategic direction, robust governance practices, demographic spread, volunteer engagement, development programs, community involvement and competitive performance across all grades.

Often it’s easy to simply have your eyes firmly locked on the future and your focus engaged on where you intend to travel. Occasionally however it can be also be good to pause, look back and reflect on the journey to date. Tuesdays awards dinner was one such moment and congratulations to all our members who have combined to make Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, Kapiti’s “Club of the Year”.

Have a great weekend

Leo Barber

New Zealand’s Greatest Courses.

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 New Zealand’s greatest courses, a report from Stuff, by Phil Hamilton that I am happy to pass on, Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club is at #2. This is a shortened post version.

Tara Iti Golf Club is the top course in New Zealand.


Tara Iti Golf Club is the top course in New Zealand.

New Zealand has among the most golf courses per capita in the world but until recently the quality of those courses, apart from a couple of notable exceptions, was pretty ropey.

Most magazine rankings use resistance to scoring as one of their main criteria but we prefer to concentrate on fun. Any mug can make a hard course (just lengthen and sprinkle liberally with water and sand), the real skill is to make a course that is challenging and enjoyable for both average and good golfers.

Instead we focus on the quality of the design and the most important factor – how keen are you to get back out there again?

Tara Iti was designed by renowned American architect Tom Doak.


Tara Iti was designed by renowned American architect Tom Doak.

 1. Tara Iti 

It is strange that New Zealand, a country with such a large coastline and so many golf clubs, has such a shortage of good links courses. Thankfully, we now have one that ranks with the very best in the world.

High praise indeed but Tara Iti (100 kilometres north of Auckland on the east coast) is already being mentioned in the same breath as Cypress Point by some architecture critics. This is a masterpiece and quite clearly it is New Zealand’s best course by some distance.

2. Paraparaumu 

The treacherous 17th green at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club.


The treacherous 17th green at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club.

Until Tara Iti opened last year, Paraparaumu had been the country’s best course since it was rebuilt by Alex Russell in 1946.

Although crammed into a relatively small piece of land, Paraparaumu is a masterful example of how best to utilise the humps and bumps of the sand dunes.

The collection of par threes is the equal of any course in New Zealand with the most fearsome this country’s answer to the Postage Stamp, No 16. Just 130m it can ruin a score card with a misjudged tee shot into the small green, benched into a dune, leaving a golfer with few recovery options.

But it’s the par fours that are the real strength here. The eighth, 13th, 15th and 17th are all superb holes and the equal of any in New Zealand. The 17th demands a tee shot over bunkers to get the best angle into an angled green with a brutal drop-off on one side while the short eighth tempts the unwary into the direct route.

The 13th is a burly two-shotter with a drive to another rumpled fairway and then a long second uphill to a green benched into another dune.

An aerial view of Cape Kidnappers.


An aerial view of Cape Kidnappers.

3. Cape Kidnappers 

Tom Doak’s first course in New Zealand is a stunner. Built high above the ocean on a Te Awanga sheep farm in the Hawke’s Bay, it’s a subtle masterpiece despite the jaw-dropping views.

While it’s the holes along the cliffs that are most often photographed, the inland holes are easily their equal.

The long par-four 12th hole at Titirangi Golf Club.


The long par-four 12th hole at Titirangi Golf Club.

4. Titirangi 

The only course in New Zealand designed by the greatest course architect, Alister MacKenzie, Auckland’s Titirangi has stood the test of time.

The par threes are superb individually, although one mild criticism is that on some days three out of the four can require the same club.

The 13th, the Wrecker, is one of the best par fives in the country with a semi-blind tee shot across a gully that is used brilliantly through much of the back nine.

5. Kauri Cliffs 

The par-three seventh at Kauri Cliffs, high above the Pacific Ocean.


The par-three seventh at Kauri Cliffs, high above the Pacific Ocean.

 While the views are spectacular, the problem with cliff-top courses is the high winds that can make them tough without the respite provided by dunes. Sensibly the fairways are wide to allow for this and follow the lay of the land nicely. While being wide, the golfer who can hit to right part of the fairway is rewarded with better angles into the greens.

Impeccably conditioned, this is a fantastic experience although the quality of the holes doesn’t quite measure up to the views.

6. Arrowtown 

The par-three 14th at Arrowtown Golf Club.


The par-three 14th at Arrowtown Golf Club.

Often under-rated because of it’s lack of length, Arrowtown is a unique course and certainly among the most fun in the country. The high-profile neighbouring courses may get all the publicity but they can’t match the charm of this gem.

The front nine is a delight, with one stand-out hole after another through schist-lined fairways, where driver is usually not the best option.

The back nine is not as good as the front, although it does have some highlights, particularly the par-three 14th and 16th holes, and the 18th is a fitting finish.

7. Jack’s Point 

The par-three 11th at Jack's Point.


The par-three 11th at Jack’s Point.

Jack’s Point is something of a flawed masterpiece. The course, near Queenstown, looks fantastic and fits the land beautifully. However, in places aesthetics seem to have been favoured over playability and the finish (long par four alongside a lake) could have been lifted from a modern template of resort courses, which is a pity.

The designer, John Darby, has said he likes his courses to look hard and play easy. Well, he got that right on the fine opening hole but the second looks hard and is hard. It’s the first of several uphill holes to plateau greens, a feature that is overdone, although given the hilliness of the course it’s understandable. The second is a good hole, if a bit narrow, but the best of these holes is the glorious 15th which is a version of the classic Cape hole but with a rock wall standing in for the usual lake edge.

The par-five fourth at Royal Wellington is a highlight.


The par-five fourth at Royal Wellington is a highlight.

8. Royal Wellington 

The course was recently redesigned by Greg Turner and Scott Macpherson who have done a wonderful job. It now has some of the most interesting greens in the country and holes to match.

There are a great set of par threes beginning with the third, that has a tremendous green made up of two distinct bowls, with lots of scope for banking shots into difficult pins.

The par fours are equally good with the 299m 14th a highlight with those braving the right-hand hazard rewarded with a better angle into the green.

The Hills Golf Club is a fantastic looking course.


The Hills Golf Club is a fantastic looking course.

9. The Hills (Arrowtown) 

This is certainly among the most beautiful courses in the world, with the contrasting colours of the grasses and the astonishing sculptures spread along the way. It is a lovely walk and the quality of the holes is good, even if they don’t quite match the surrounds for interest.

The start is solid but unspectacular with the first real highlight the fifth, a delightful short par four with a wicked push-up green that can give the unwary fits.

The back nine builds to a tremendous finish with the highlight a par-five 17th through a canyon, although the 14th and 15th are both also good. The par-three 16th is great fun too, with it’s punishing false front and much of the green hidden from the tee.

10. Kinloch 

The 14th green at Kinloch Club's golf course.


The 14th green at Kinloch Club golf course.

Kinloch, near Taupo, is a fantastic looking course, full of interest with rumpled fairways, crazy greens and in impeccable condition.

Unfortunately it doesn’t live up to the promise of its appearance. While it has some good holes, with the fourth and fifth the pick of them, too many are over-bunkered.

Despite the over-bunkering, there are stretches of holes that aren’t particularly memorable or, in some cases, memorable for the wrong reasons.

There are also too many forced carries off the tee, particularly for a course that gets its fair share of wind.

While fun to play, you are left with the feeling it could have been a lot better

Asia Pacific Seniors Championship. Two PGBC Players Invited.

White Dragon Golf

New Zealand Golf have named two Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club members who have been chosen to represent New Zealand in the Asia Pacific Seniors Championship, which will be played at the Alabang Country Club in The Philippines this week. Martin Webber and Frank Borren are on their way to play for the title.

We wish Martin and Frank all the best, and play well.alabang-country-club-scorecard

Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club. Fairway Watering Upgrade

White Dragon Golf Very happy to pass on the report from the General Manager of the Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, Leo Barber, of the upgrade to fairway the watering system. If you enjoyed playing here before, next summer will be a real treat.

It is only fair to also report that Leo himself has devote many hours of hard labor to this project.

Irrigation Upgrade, Progress Report

We have enjoyed a great week with good support from our volunteers and accordingly have completed the majority of the planned

work with sprinklers and mainlines installed to 6, 7, 13 and 15 and other associated connections complete. With the surplus pipe

from our planned work, we intend to continue the mainline around to the 12th fairway where it will terminate awaiting the next stage.

Testing and flushing of the lines will be undertaken next week and a couple of minor tidy ups.

The finishing touches being applied to the 13th fairway by staff and the many volunteers