1st Hole in One.

White Dragon Golf

Hi guys just had to report that had my first ever hole in one today, on the 14th hole at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, in New Zealand.

Unfortunately there are no good pictures of this 150 yard par three, to the back of the green, where the pin was today, but who cares, it went in.

Virtually all carry to a generously-sized green for a par 3 guarded by bunker left and right at the front, and out of bounds very close to back of green. The tee is a little sheltered so judging the wind here is paramount.Today the wind speed and direction was not a factor, a very unusual occurrence on this ocean side links course. The safe play on this hole is to play for the center of the green and not always the pin, but what the hell, I went for it, because my opponent was within an easy short put for a two. The hole in one was a generous gift, especially as it was my first one, although I will say I struck the tee shot wonderfully well, it felt good, and turned out perfect. It certainly upstaged the opponents who thought a two would win the hole.

My playing partner was Terry McNamara, we were battling against the very low handicapper Cliff Moore and the long hitting Kevin Gatfield. We finished the day all square, and really enjoyed the free drinks in the 19th afterwards.

Not to be out-done on the day, my close neighbor, and friend Tony Gibbons also had a hole in one today, at the par three 5th, a bugger of a hole at 140 yards, that you can not miss left, right or long.

White Dragon Golf

Me and Tony

For the advertisers information I am wearing a Breast Cancer Awareness pink Oakley shirt, Phil Mickelson inspired Callaway shorts, a Dragon Golf belt and Nike Shoes. { I know you can not see the shoes, but trust me they are there.}

Not sure what Tony was wearing, we had imbibed a few drinks by the time this picture was taken. He did ask me why it was that if I made the best putter in the world, why would I not use it !!!




Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club. Just a little Windy

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Hi Guys,

Thought I would just pass on this message I received from my golf club about yesterdays five club wind. Today is even worse with rain lashing down in the howling wind. Happy Days .


Dear Peter,
Welcome to this week’s edition of Course Clippings.  Golfers are a unique breed, and on days like we are experiencing today, I am acutely reminded of this.  Such is the passion for this game that those that engage in its allure are often drawn to its pursuit despite the occasional barrier, of say…..”a five club wind”, to quote one of our Australian guests this morning.  Our Scottish forefathers who developed this wonderful game had a beautiful expression, “if there’s nae wind, it’s nae gawf”.  I am sure the Scots among our membership would have a tear in their eye today.  Blown hats off to all the bravehearts out on the links today who took on the “5 club wind” and succeeded.  Whilst there were a few defeated faces out there today, mainly from those who failed to even make the first tee, the invigoration and enthusiasm from those who gave it a nudge was infectious and displayed all those characteristics of what makes both this game and its participants great.  As our Australian guests so succinctly put it when met off the 18th, “yesterday at Kidnappers was good, but today….that was golf”
It seems apt to wish the “Hurricanes” all the best for Saturday.
Have a great weekend
Leo Barber
This picture is of the tricky par 5 7th hole at Paraparaumu Beach. Good luck staying on that fairway.

17th hole


Wonderful Week For White Dragon Golf.

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I was in a four ball yesterday . at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, where three of the payers were using a White Dragon Putter, it was a great thrill for me to actually play with people who use one of my putters. I was stunned as one of them went on to one putt the first five holes, which put my partner and I four down at the turn. Normal service was resumed on the back nine as we fought back to level the scores on the 18th. We celebrated in the 19th, as usual.

If you ever come to visit Paraparaumu Golf Club you will find the bar staff are very friendly, along with the staff in the Pro shop, lead by Ricky. Our caterer Dave can also offer you some good food, so all in all you probably wont find a better golf course and more friendly staff that you will find at Paraparaumu.

Actually last weekend I won a Club tournament at Paraparaumu, a pairs competition in an unusual format. The 96 players were grouped into flights, according to handicap. This meant all groups were pretty evenly matched. There were five rounds of matches played over nine holes, 27 on the Saturday and 18 on Sunday,  competing against all the teams in your flight in turn. A point was awarded for every hole won, and of course one deducted for every hole lost. A book was run on the event and you could “buy’ a flight at auction, betting on who would win each flight. There were both mens and ladies teams competing, and it was a lovely weekend for golf.

Strongly supported by my partner, David Harris, we not only  not only won our flight but took the overall title as well, with a total score of  +12. Got my name on a piece of silverware. As you can see in the presentation photo below I had already consumed my fair share of alcohol before the presentation, lucky for me my wife Wendy was picking me up at the end of the day.


That’s a wide-eyed me, our Sponsor from Glassfit Ltd Paul Whittleston, who was in our flight and was not best pleased that we beat him, and partner David Harris.

There’s a Rat in the Hole !

We were playing golf yesterday at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, in New Zealand. the playing conditions were very similar to those that were encountered at Harbour Town Golf Club last week, very windy and wet. After executing a lovely drive off the first tee, plumb in the middle of the fairway, which is not an easy fairway to make due to the fact the hole is a dog-leg to the left. In general most of my drives go through the dog-leg leaving me a long way from the green. Anyway, there I was in the middle courtesy of a draw off the tee, two hundred yards from the green. In normal weather conditions I would have had a good chance of putting the ball on the green, but firing into a strong wind blustery wind the odds were not too good.

I made a good swing, great connection with the ball and it started straight on line, I was impressed with the effort. Peering through the gloom to see if the ball was going to make the green, I lost sight of the ball and asked my playing partners if they could see it. One of them shouted, I think it’s on the green, it’s running towards the hole. I strained my eyes and indeed could see something white moving across the green towards the hole, magic I exclaimed.

Walking down the fairway quite happy, thinking of maybe a birdie, at worst a par, some one shouted, It’s gone in the hole, the wind must have blown it in. You can imagine I was now very happy at this sudden turn of good fortune, just lately the golfing Gods had been against me, with every bad bounce followed by an awkward shot, instead of playing from the fairway. I was still smiling to myself when the next shout came, It’s comeback out again, it’s going back across the green. My shoulders slumped, it was obviously not a ball, but what was it. The four of us debated the strange occurrence, could it be a leaf, or just a piece of paper blowing around in the wind ? That’s not a leaf or piece of paper I said, it looks like a small animal running around in circles, could it be a small hedgehog. We all agreed that it was indeed an hedgehog.

Walking up to my ball, which was just short of the green, the small animal was now clearly in sight, it was not an hedgehog but a white rat. Not all of us were happy with having a rat running around on the green, some backed away, I too was thinking of all the diseases rats could pass on with just one bite. As I was pondering what to do, this creature ran towards me, and sat on my shoe, looking up at me, with his front legs pawing at my long pants. Luckily for me it was the first time this year it had been cold enough to wear long pants.

The pawing continued, it reminded me of my little dog, who would paw at me to be picked up for a cuddle. I figured this was just a pet rabbit, it had no fear of humans, and obviously had no idea that the golf course was full of predators looking for a meal, hawks and feral cats for instance. What should I do, the advice from the playing partners ranged from, kill it to catch it. Roland, as I had now decide to call him, was persistently pawing at my leg, the group behind had now caught up with us and were patiently waiting back in the fairway.

So I took a chance and bent down and picked up Roland and put him in one of the pockets of my golf bag, along with some cheese from my sandwich, which he seemed to enjoy. I duly pitched on the green. made par, and carried on with the round. Roland was comfortable taking a ride, so he stayed there for the rest of the round.

One of my playing partners was my grandson Harry, he decided to take Roland home and look after him and try to find the owner. I went round the next day to see how things were progressing and found the newly acquired pet running around in a home made cage, having the time of his life. I have a suspicion that Harry is hoping the owner will not be found. There are no pictures of this event, due to the inclement weather, my phone stayed in my pocket, but if there are any updates on the situation of Roland I will keep you informed.

Adam Scott to Banish his Broomstick

Adam Scott

Adam Scott and his Broomstick/ Getty Images

Although any potential banning of anchored putters by the Royal & Ancient and USGA is unlikely to be enforced before 2016, Adam Scott is obviously keen to make the adjustment to sooner rather than later by banishing his Broomstick for a practice round with a conventional putter. Adam is practicing for the Emirates Australian Open at at The Lakes Golf Club in Sydney, coincidentally with Tom Watson who is in favor of the ban on the Broomstick. Tom said he endorses the ban with mixed emotions citing this reason;

” I say that with mixed emotions, “This  broomstick stroke is not a stroke of golf. That’s not a stroke but it makes it easier to play. My son Michael, with a conventional putting stroke, he couldn’t make it from two feet half the time, but he went to a belly putter and he makes everything. The game is fun to him now, so there lies the danger: Do we take the ability for people to have fun away?  Do we go to two sets of rules, where some people can use long putters in certain competitions, but the PGA Tour maybe can’t? So there’s a dilemma there.” 

It would seem that Tom is confused himself about what this rule change could do to golf generally. I have said previously that there is going to be trouble enforcing this rule at the local level. A player is going to call his opponent for anchoring, and the accused is going to reply, no I didn’t. This can only bring discontent and bad feelings out on the course, and that is not a good or healthy scenario.

Tom went on recount what Ernie Els said after his win at The Open;

“”I thought Ernie Els said it perfectly after he won last year’s Open championship, he was asked: ‘Why did you go with the long putter Ernie?’ and he said: ‘I’m cheating like the rest of them are’. Ernie’s a great player and he knows the difference between doing it the conventional way versus trying to do it with an anchored putter. The arc of your putter doesn’t change as much. He knows that difference and he knows it’s not right.”

The thing is every player has had the option to use the long putters if they wish, if it so much easier with a long putter, why haven’t they all swapped over ?  I say lets banish the ban and get on and play golf, everyone is welcome at our golf course, Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club. Make them welcome at your club, for the good of the game.

But if you are considering a new putter check out the White Dragon Putter, it is set to become a feature of putting in the near future, for more information email info@whitedragongolf.com.