Danny Lee leads at Pebble Beach

Danny Lee is tied at the top of the leader board after round one of the A.T and T   tournament at Pebble Beach. On the strength of two eagles (Nos. 2 and 11) at Pebble Beach, 21-year-old Danny Lee recorded a career-low round of -9 under-par 63. Kiwi and former U.S. Amateur champion Danny Lee, matched Dustin Johnson’s 63 at Pebble Beach.

Most of the press stories are about Tiger Woods, who shot a -4 under par at Spy Glass Hill, he is a little concerned at the low scores being posted:

” I drove it great today. I drove it on a string for most of the day. I left a few shots out there, for sure. It seems like the rest of the guys are going pretty low around this place and tearing the course apart. I can’t get too far behind the lead. I know there is some colder weather coming in, but I’ve got to take advantage of this. The guys are just tearing the course apart with no wind. I think we saw two at 9 and two at 8 and a couple of guys at 7 with five holes to go. So you’ve got to take advantage of it. So, hopefully, in the next few days I can get it going.”

Be interesting  to see if Tiger can play catch up tomorrow, and also good luck to Danny Lee, I hope he stays in contention after the second round.

Danny Lee roars into Pebble Beach lead (Source: Getty Images )

– Source: Getty Image

Defending Champion Bill Murray back at Pebble Pro-Am, with D.A. Points

Bill Murray will defend his title at Pebble Beach Pro-Am accompanied by Darren Andrew Points,  but whether he’s getting crowds to waive at a blimp flying overhead, spinning with old ladies in fairway bunkers or wearing funny hats, Bill Murray will be the heart of this event. He has been competing here since 1992 however, this year’s tournament is going to be a little different for the 61-year-old Murray because, for the first time, he’s the defending champion.


Lat year Bill and Darren  won the pro-am portion of this event by two shots over Steve Bowditch and Marc Miller. Of this years event he  said;

“Everyone asks me what it’s like to be the champion. It’s not hello, how are you, are you having fun, how are the kids. It’s like, are you going to defend the championship. It’s like, a thousand times, people saying, are you going to perform in bed tonight. Are you going to step up and be a real man. Whatever it is, it’s kind of like it’s an implied failure of some kind.”

Bill,  who famously played greenskeeper Carl Spackler in “Caddyshack” does have an edge over his celebrity rivals, his local-like knowledge of Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill, and plenty of practice, saying;

“I’ve probably played these courses more than any others in the last 20 years.”

He is a serious, but humorous participant;

“Our goal is to have the most fun and win.”