I just loved this story from a guy who was playing St Andrews and some confusion about the name of the bridge. Everyone I know and TV commentators and golfing professionals alike all refer to it as the Swilcan Bridge. But according to a desk clerk at the clubhouse  it was referred to as the ” Stony Bridge, it is actually a stone bridge over the Swilcan Burn.”

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So the story about the Bridge is from a Canadian travel tourist, and goes as follows;

The first time I played St Andrews I hit my drive on the 18th well to the left. That is the safe drive as up the right side is out of bounds. The left side … well there is no left side as the fairway is shared with #1 and as you now know is very wide. As I was crossing the bridge I saw a fellow coming down #1. In fact I watched him hit my ball to the first green. I approached him and told him what he had done. At first he denied it and then he said “Ah for F’s sake, sorry, I flew all night from Cincinnati. I am dead tired and don’t even know what I am doing out here.” And then he walked away.

So I hit his ball to the 18th green.