Augusta National & Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club.

White Dragon Golf

Augusta National Chairman  Mr. Fred Ridley recently played Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club along with the Captain of the R&A, Mr Bruce Mitchell, accompanied by  members of the Asian Confederation during  their visit to Wellington for the Asian Pacific Amateur.

Paraparaumu club members acted at caddies for the distinguished guests, and a great day was had by all.

Mr Fred Ridley commented;

“Golf is a great pathway to friendship.”

Another visitor this year to Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club was Mr David Davis from  respected ratings site, following his enjoyable experience at PBGC Mr Davies said;

 “I can’t help feeling that Paraparaumu Beach remains one of the world’s most underrated golf courses.”

“I strongly believe that it is indeed where it belongs, in the World Top 100.”

The list is compiled by an enthusiastic bunch of well-traveled and golf educated individuals that spend their free time in pursuit of great golf.

Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club has indeed returned to the Top 100, at #97, a huge fillip for the club, it’s members and management team, lead by Mr Leo Barber.

Mr Fergal O’Leary,  a self-confessed golf course addict, who completed playing the Top 100 ranked courses in the United States in just 4 years at 28 years of age, and also a course rater, played here in 2016;

“Everything about the club is humble and unpretentious and fits every element of a golfing gem.”

“If you are looking for a course which will examine how accurate you are from the tee, then you’ve met your match.”


Death on the Beach, He was Murdered









Sperm Whale 2















Pictures by Me

I found this wonderful example of giant marine life lying dead on our beach at the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand. I was walking the dogs, Cooper and Poppy early in the morning, when we saw this amazing animal half buried by the retreating tide. The dogs were really not interested, but I was, how could such a magnificent creature suddenly appear dead on the shoreline.

An expert from the Te Papa Museum from Wellington confirmed that is was an adult male Sperm Whale, but had no idea why or how the creature became washed up here.

I took some more pictures with my phone camera, and at the same time touched the sad remains, I knew I probably would never again in my lifetime get the chance to touch a marine leviathan. He was still warm, something I did not expect, so he surely had not been dead for long.

Sperm Whale 1Sperm Whale 3









On further examination I found a puncture wound half way down his back, he had been murdered, probably harpooned.  What possesses a human being to kill such a magnificent creature. There are cultures in the World who desire to eat these wonderful creatures, Japan being the top of the list in this area. Surely the decent Governments of the World can do something to protect the giant marine life of the world, they were here long before us, and will still be here long after we are gone, they deserve some respect.

Sperm Whale 5

Sperm Whale 4








If you look closely you can see the deadly puncture wound,left,  and opposite the sadly closed eye. He beached himself and died in agony.

Shame on you, the whale hunters, killers of innocent victims.