50th Wedding Anniversary

Last Saturday my wife Wendy and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary, and earlier in the day we completed the sale of our house.

Posted below are some pics that were taken during the evening, some obviously are not too flattering, the flow of Mumm’s Champagne was pretty constant. My only complaint was that the restaurant did not have traditional Marie Antoinette champagne glasses, so we had to slum it with modern-day flutes. Some teenage lunatic took 150 pictures, don’t worry the collection has been severely pruned. Ricci’s son Tyler could not be there because he was already in bed, but apparently he had bought himself a suit for the occasion. Please scroll down to the last picture.

Wendy and I

The Sold Sign


Debs & Nadine

Nadine & boyfriend Cody McFee

Tina (Harry’s girlfriend) Harry & Sam

Diamond (Nathan’s girlfriend) Nathan

Ken & Debs

Candice & boyfriend Gareth, the big fella !!!

Diamond & Nathan

Candice & Gareth

Vik & Steve


Ricci’s son Tyler, our Great Grandson