Beckham The Best. Retires From The Game of Football

PSG's David Beckham struggles to hold back the tears as he leaves the pitch against Brest

David Beckham waves Good-Bye to the Paris Saint-Germain Supporters. / PA

David Beckham was undoubtedly one of the Best English players to grace the football pitches of the World in the modern game. He gave his all for his Country, putting in some marvelous match winning performances along the way. I for one was certain England would once again win the World Cup with David playing in the team. Sadly that did not happen, but it does not in any way diminish the contribution that David has made to football, for his country and for all the teams he played for. Paris Saint-Germain won the Ligue 1 title with David in the team, he only signed for them in January.

David was full of emotion after the whistle, explaining that he loved Paris and hoped to remain in the City in his playing retirement. He hinted that he might even stay at Paris Saint-Germain, in some other capacity;

” To finish my career here is special. Paris is the most beautiful place in the world. I’m sad to go. I feel a lot of satisfaction and emotion. Tonight is the end of my career, for sure. I’ve done my time at all the clubs where I’ve been, be it Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy. Now, we’ll see what happens, after a 22-year career, I’m going to take a few months off to relax with my family. I said before that, one way or another, I would stay in Paris. It’s special for me here and I want to continue to be part of PSG, one way or another.”

We all know the Super Star side of David Beckham, but he is also just a regular guy, team-mate Mamadou Sako had this to say about David Beckham;

“I was lucky to be with him here in the capital, is there anything more beautiful? It was a very emotional exit, especially given the scope of his career. He brought us his joie de vivre, and above all the simplicity of life both on and off the pitch. A little anecdote, for example, we organised a barbecue at Sylvain Armand’s house, he was called, and he came to eat sausages with us in Sylvain’s garden!”

I guarantee the world has not heard the last of David Beckham, I am certain he has a lot more to offer the world.

Aussies Hot in China

The Aussies were red hot in yesterdays round shooting an eleven under par 61. Brendan Jones was quoted saying how well the pair played together by not both getting birdies on the same hole.

“We just combined perfectly. We never doubled up on birdies, and that’s the key in this game,” the 36-year-old Jones told the tournament’s official website. “You want to make a lot of birdies, but you don’t want to make them on the same hole. That’s what we did.”

There are three sets of brothers in the tournament including the Villegas boys from Colombia.

Camilo and Manuel Villegas representing Colombia are one of three sets of brothers participating this week and they’re tied for sixth place after the first day of play.